Sauti Sol in oga collabo


April 12, 2010 – Sauti Sol have teamed up with Nigeria’s Sasha and General Pype for a strange type song: Mara Hio Hio.

The video isn’t out yet for the track, which was released mid last month and which also includes vocals from the very talented Muthoni the Drummer Queen.

You can download it here:

Meanwhile, according to Silverbird, Dela’s album “Paukwa” is currently the bestselling in the country followed by Muthoni the Drummer Queen’s “The Human Condition” and Sauti Sols “Mwanzo”.

The title track Paukwa is a fantastic affair that talks about social injustices. Dela, generally quiet, bursts forward in this strongly worded and crooned song. Check it out here:

Muthoni’s “Life” is an interesting track with luscious vocal trailings. And as for the album Mwanzo, I recommend Sunny Days:

What’s your favourite track in those albums?


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