You can rock a 3D theatre at home!

April 9, 2010 – When the movie Avatar premiered, movie-goers scrambled for a feel of the 3D graphics by taking up the limited spaces at the only 3D theatre in Mombasa.

Those who had a chance to watch its 3D version were a bit stingy with sharing the experience arguing that it was too awesome to narrate.

3D_GLASSES_276990112.jpgIn some parts of the world, soccer fanatics experienced a 3D version of the soccer match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

The former scored 3 goals, which people joked was a 3D welcome gesture. It’s no doubt that 3D technology is here with us.

In fact, there is a simple way to make yours a 3D home theatre. The best news is that it’s quite affordable such that one can create a personal experience.

We met Alfred Ngugi at a recently ended e-learning conference where he displayed e-learning through use of 3D animated films.

“Though our Job description is 3D images production, we also help our clients procure the 3D apparatus.”

Alfred Ngugi is a programmer with Designmate Animation Film, an Indian Firm with outlets in Kenya. He says that through programming using software called 3D Studio-Max, they have produced 2000 3D images of the science subjects’ topics.

“All you need to play these images is a 3D-enabled projector, an above average performance computer with a graphic card and 3D goggles,” explains Ngugi, adding that an infra-red transmitter will be required for multiple people to watch.

With Ngugi’s guidelines, we estimated the cost of implementing a 3D home theatre for four viewers.

You would need four 3D goggles which retail at Sh7,500 ($100 shipment included).

“3D equipments can easily be obtained from electronics shops or imported from accessible markets like Dubai,” he says.

An infra-red transmitter retailing at Sh7,500 is required to multiplex the four users’ signals.


“You also need a 3D enabled projector that can cast on any clear wall. The projector goes for Sh75,000,” offers Ngugi, adding that most PCs can be upgraded to the minimum requirement to run 3D images. Apart from 250GB memory, a graphics card is needed.

“For clear image production, a graphic card with high controllers like Nvidia GeForce GTX is required,” says George Ngumbu, Proprietor at Enfinite Solutions. Such graphics cards can be obtained from several computer outlets at about Sh2,000.

For 3D movie lovers and gamers, you only need to invest in a good PC and about Sh110,000 to make your house a 3D theatre which would be the envy of many, me included!

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