Book review: Breaking the silence…

eyo_hush_924824647.jpgApril 8,2010 – Are matters of human trafficking and Sexual abuse dear to your heart? Have you experienced it first hand or do you know of anyone who has and there’s nothing you could do about it? Well, yesterday saw the launch of two books written by two strong women who are passionate about dealing and doing away with these vices. Their remarkable books act as a call for action.

HUSH is a book written by Nicole Braddock Bromley. A young woman who grew up in a small town in the USA. She happens to be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and yes, the book tells of her traumatic story!

She wabromley_nicole_204792687.jpgs abused by her step father for such a long time as a kid but kept the story hushed for years. She struggled to be brave and stay normal but at some point she couldn’t take it anymore and had to tell someone. It is at the age of 14 that she was able to tell her secret, and her step-dad, sensing trouble, committed suicide.

There’s so much sexual abuse going on yet the stigma is still kept deep and dark. Nicole is not keeping quiet about it anymore and through her book she is trying to reach out to everyone who might have gone through or who is going through a similar experience and urging them to speak up.

She touts the point that a victim must realize that it’s not their fault that they have experienced sexual abuse. She also says that forgiveness is necessary – to help make the world a better place.

Nicole is also the founder and director of One Voice enterprises, an organization that brings healing to the lives of victims of sexual abuse.

EYO on the other hand is a story by Abidemi Sanusi – a Nigerian author who worked with the human rights movement for four years but is currently living in the UK.

Sanusi’s book, which she worked on for 7 years, brings out the twin issues of child trafficking and sex slavery in the UK – something that has been happening a lot but on the down low.

In her book she tells a fictitious but traumatic story of a ten year old girl called Eyo wAbiyemi_394033888.jpgho was lured to Europe by her father with promises of work, fortunes and an education but ends up as a domestic worker and later a sex slave. As she struggles for liberation she goes back to Nigeria but finds out that life is a vicious cycle.

Sanusi’s book was short listed for the 2010 Commonwealth writer’s prize for the Best book in Africa. In it, she makes a plea, ‘keep an eye out for such children’.

“Society must act now to save a child today and change a life forever by breaking the conspiracy of silence and helping children get out of abusive situations…”

These two books,proudly published by Word Alive, are a solid catch…


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