MUDI clothing line opens shop in Nairobi

April 7, 2010 – Lagos, Abuja, Accra, Dakar and Nairobi now all have something in common… a MUDI clothing Store. mudi_combined_857523173.gif

MUDI, a Nigeria original clothing line that runs chains of stores in Nigeria and Ghana has chosen Kenya as its entry point to the greater East African community.

Clement Mudiaga Enajemo also known as Mudi owns the clothing line and creates all of its Afro-centric designs.
MUDI creates and designs unique and stylish men’s clothes and I know this will put a smile on the Kenyan men’s faces (at least something unique for the men).

His 2010 collection style is something like West Africa meets Asia and the Middle East.
MUDI is popular in the West of Africa as he dresses some of the rich and famous of Nigeria.

You will find famous Nollywood stars like; Fred Amata, Gentle Jack, Basorge Tariah Jnr, Emeka Ossai and Victor Osuagwu (who happen to be Mudi’s models as well) among many others, politicians, diplomats, businessmen and musicians dressed in some MUDI.

Mudi (the man) has a passion for what he does and has been designing for over fifteen years which has given him great experience in the fashion industry.

He has always surpassed the expectations of his clients and provides them with outstanding world class designs.
It took so much (like an almost plane crash) to get the clothing line and store launched in Nairobi but the launch had to happen.

MUDI is determined to be the best designer in Africa as well as create a mark for himself in the world market. The clothing company aims towards delivering a high level of creativity in their designs which in turn will gain them satisfied clients.
With a fantastic record of excellence, MUDI is indeed going places with different awards both within and outside Nigeria.

Kenya’s tourism minister Honourable Najib Balala endorsed the clothing line saying that launching a Nigerian clothing store in the Kenyan market would enable a stronger cultural bond between Kenya and Nigeria.

He appreciated, Mudi’s creative and yet elegant style and admitted that he would not hesitate to get himself some Mudi wear.Mudi_combined_3_609098340.jpg











For some amazing 2010 collection do visit Nairobi’s new MUDI Clothing store located at the Thigiri Shopping Centre on Thigiri Ridge road.

For more info on Mudi clothing line log on to


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