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April 1, 2010 – It is that time of the year again, where you vote for your favorite show “Hits not Homework” in the annual Chaguo la Teeniez Awards.

 It is one hell of a show that has gotten bigger and better over the years…

Here are some reasons why:

Fact: Presenter Eve De’Souza has managed to remain relevant and true to her fan-base over the years by always bringing her character across to the youthful crowd she talks to every week-night. This has been through her engaging topics surrounding situations that affect teenagers both directly and indirectly such as sex before marriage, drug abuse, dating and careers…

Fact: It was through Hits Not Homework’s creative campaigns that two successful musicians came to be.
One time, this regular university student called in to free-style a song about a postpaid bus ticket and won the hearts of all who called in to nominate him as being a fantastic singer with a unique name, Nameless.

Days later, a hyper female voice called in and requested to take on the male winner with a song about herself, and she did so expectedly well. She was later crowned the winner of the female category and went on to be the successful musician we now know as Kaz.

Fact: Eve and Soulo have the kind of chemistry on air that makes their listeners feel like they are listening in on a conversation between friends and not presenters. They share silly jokes and argue about issues that very often provoke listeners to call in and take sides between Eve (who often represents the introverts) and Soulo (who’s the definite extrovert, but sober minded loudmouth).

Fact: The interviews they have with local celebrities continue to stand out as one of their ways of bringing these figures closer to their fan-base. Apart from just asking them about their music careers, they engage them in the topics they are talking about on the shows, which in return make the listeners know how these celebrities handle various social issues.

That’s precisely why you should follow this link http://theinsyder.com/index.php/vote/widget/cmFkaW9faW5kdXN0cnkuaHlwZV9zaG93 and appreciate the show for its amazing work.

While at it you could also vote for your favourite radio station Capitalfm on http://theinsyder.com/index.php/vote/widget/cmFkaW9faW5kdXN0cnkuYmxhemluX2ZtX3N0YXRpb24=


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