Pewa hewa at a brief cost!

March 15, 2010 – Kenyan musicians have always been plagued by poor distribution channels, but the tide is slowly reversing, what with the advent of, an online music store whose main aim is to empower local musicians by making their music accessible to fans. is being spearheaded by David Kuria (Business Development Manager at, plus Steve Nyumba and Philip Nyamwaya ( both from Intrepid data systems), who say: “it is the only online music store in the region that offers an efficient and convenient payment platform- Zap and M-pesa- to its users. Yes, all you need to have is mobile money.”

The pewahewa team says it’s committed to using every available resource to ensure artists are recognized and reimbursed for their efforts, and in so doing, gain empowerment.

“We can track the sales in real time and make sure that artists know at all times how much they are owed… This ensures artists are protected,” says Kuria.

Ranging from prices as low as Sh30, consumers can buy their favourite songs without having to pay a subscription fee.

You can choose to purchase a whole album or only your favourite single, and even create a compilation of your own assorted CD.

“Consumers will however be required to create a profile page. Upon placing and completing a successful order you will see a page with active links from where you can download MP3 versions of your songs. An email containing the links will simultaneously be sent to you,” Kuria explains.
Pewahewa operates in partnership with the Music Copyright Society of Kenya and Kenya Association of Music Production.

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