Shopping for the metrosexual

March 11, 2010 – A metrosexual is the guy who will always include body lotion in his monthly shopping list and yes he takes a good five minutes to make sure his skin is well moisturised.

The ‘metro’ understands fashion at another level. He is that guy you can practically dangle upside down and find everything on him is ‘on point’. Shopping for him could be a huge task though because he is all about QSS (Quality, Style and Swagger).

This guy knows that he has to be looked at at some point and when that happens he wants to do your eyes justice. He dares to be different. So if at all you have to get him anything, it has to be worth it. An item he won’t toss to the back of his closet. Here are some buys you cannot go wrong with.
Pink shirt, Pink boxers
The metro appreciates colour. When it comes to colour he is not too picky because he can work any colour – a little coordination and he’s good to go. PINK_SHIRT_AND_BOXERS_284594599.jpg

That said, he probably has a pink shirt but another one won’t hurt. To him, it’s ok to have more than one particular item. Just in the same way you can have several pairs of blue jeans.

There’s a variety of pinks but don’t forget to throw in a tie that matches the shirt. He is not shy to own pink items. So go ahead and get him pink boxers. Just make sure they look manly.

A cool ring
Men (metro or otherwise) don’t have a huge variety to choose from when it comes to jewellery but we all know that the metro guy will have his manicure immaculately done every now and then, so a gorgeous manly ring will come in handy. It will help him show off his manicured fingers.

A cool colourful watch will also do. This helps bring out the boldness in him. He probably owns more than one but just in the same way he is particular about not repeating clothes, he will love that he has a variety of watches which will compliment whatever outfit he decides to wear.


A trench coat
It cannot always be about sweaters and blazers. A cool stylish trench coat will give him that fierce look. This will come in handy at all times; cold weather, nights out and he can even wear it on top of his suit.

There you have it. Shopping for a metrosexual need not be difficult…

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  1. Pete August 2nd, 2011 at 7:36 pm

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    Prosecutions.” That’s as clear as you demand. In fact, the same constitution grants every citizen the right to enforce the provisions of the constitution in court, which thus contemplates that citizens may act on their own if the DPP does not. In the US, a common law country, every county and state has (mostly elected) independent prosecutors independent of the US Attorney-General; so do other independent bodies like the IRS, ICE, and the FTC. What you should be advocating for is the establishment in Kenya of independent county-based prosecutors to supplement the DPP’s work.  Furthermore, you failed to mention that our new constitution does allow the DPP to take over any case, but only with the permission of the court, in order to stop the prior abuse where the AG would take over and terminate such cases indiscriminately.  No, you cannot be seeking justice but obfuscation of our gullible MPs.

  2. Aol Paul August 3rd, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Well thought out and reasoned piece

  3. Aol Paul August 3rd, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Well thought out and reasoned piece


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