Production on Mau Mau film gets underway

March 8, 2010 – Muigwithania, a local feature film has begun production at a cost of Sh25 million (massive) and will feature Kenyan actors Tony Njuguna and Mehul Savani, alongside Bollywood star Tom Alter.

The movie embarks on a gruelling journey to retrace the steps of the Mau Mau freedom fighters struggle and their collaborative interaction with the Indian Dukawallahs.

It is set on the original Mau Mau strategic locations in Kabete on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Writer and Director Amit Tyagi said the film is being shot on high definition video format and is geared towards telling the positive story of the Mau Mau struggle.


Muigwithania” is a story that sets out to correct popular misconceptions about the Mau Mau by helping the audiences better understand the freedom struggle and for the first time brings out the role of the Indian community,” Tyagi said

The film is set on a typical village scene in Central Province and features the inevitable Asian shopkeeper of the time and their role in facilitating the struggle.
Inline with the production schedule, the movie will be ready for release ahead of Madaraka Day.

With a masala twist, Muigwithania is set to make history as the first feature film about Asian migrants to Kenya and their social interaction frameworks that inevitably fuelled and sustained the freedom struggle. A Wide Angles Vision production.

The film industry in Kenya has been identified as a key growth industry with great potential to spur economic growth and help in the realisation of the ambitious vision 2030 through tourist attractions, investment and employment creation.
Currently the film industry is generating over Sh3 billion annually. However, when performing optimally the industry can generate over Sh40 billion and create more than 250,000 jobs annually.

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