Esther Arunga weds Quincy Timberlake

March 4, 2010 – If you thought you had heard the last of Esther Arunga, I guess you haven’t… She has just announced that she is now officially married to Quincy Timberlake (?) after conducting a civil ceremony yesterday.

ESTHER_ARUNGA_CERT_151511600.jpgShe claims she has obtained a certificate and has officially changed her name to Esther Adongo Timberlake.

‘I am so much in love with Quincy and that’s why have officially married him,’ she said at a press conference in Jazz Maestro Joseph Hellon’s house in Runda… Quincy however, is still in police custody. When asked about it, Esther says it is allowed for someone to conduct a marriage even with a partner who is convicted in prison or jail.

Esther meanwhile adds that she’s planning to sue a renown psychiatrist who sedated her against her will and kept her incarcerated for five days yet she was not insane.

She said she is seeking Sh300 million in damages and stated that she will also sue her parents for taking her there.

The former TV presenter has also vowed to seek Sh30 million from respective media houses that she claims ‘defamed’ her.

She has now obtained court orders restraining her parents from interfering with her life. ESTHER_ARUNGA_PC_935793285.jpg

Elsewhere, the government is expected to shed light on the controversial Finger of God Church and Arunga’s arrest next Thursday.

Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara raised the issue in Parliament and demanded that the Internal Security Ministry issue a statement on the regulation of churches in the country.

Gitobu further wants clarity the circumstances under which the police arrested Arunga and church founder Hellon.

Pastor Hellon and others associated with the church have since been charged with belonging to an unlawful society.

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