Meeting your ex and your replacement!

March 2, 2010 – Just the other day my friend stormed into my house spitting fire and hot pebbles, cursing like a sailor, pacing up and down, and huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf! Reason; she had just had the strangest encounter with her ex and…drum rolls please… her replacement!

ANGRY_CHIC_233356220.jpgThe “replacement” was not even the reason for her flipping out. What she had looked like at the time of the encounter was. I’m thinking, if she looked anything like she did right then (at my house) then that was a BIG deal!

I’m talking busted sandals, tired shirt, unsightly mani-pedi and her hair…Well, it would be best if I just didn’t go there. Plain truth, she looked busted! Oh yeah, plus she had a huge pimple right in the middle of her forehead – but I decided not to bring her attention to that.

It had been one of those days for her. So many errands to run, so little time. Nothing going as expected and if that is not bad enough you bump into your ex. Him, looking all hot and with a beauty by his side and you… like you just completed a marathon you were ill prepared for.

According to my pal, the replacement had seemed way too mature and not necessarily prettier but oozed style and grace, which made her feel even worse. Hers was not those kinds of situations where you rush to the bathroom to powder your nose. No. Instead, it was one of those where one wishes they could just keel over and die!

The whole thing was just funny. Seeing her all upset like that was the end of the world, made it even more interesting. I could not help but wonder what I would have done if I were in her shoes. Would I have cared as much? Would I even lose sleep over it? What I have always known is that when you break up with someone you are supposed to move on.

Feeling bad and crying about it was not going to help her at all and I figured laughing at her was not going to make her feel any better. Therefore, we came up with a wacky plan to “get even”. I wonder why though because I’m sure he had not intended to bump into her that day. CHIC_BAD_HAIR_345296048.jpg

Girls do stick up for each other at all times…and if she felt like she needed some support then support would be me.

We had a plan. First, we were to get her a fierce looking man to masquerade as her handsome knight. There is the luscious Lucas; the gorgeous George…the list is endless.

Second, put her in some hot little number and have her looking tres glam such that all the men will be drooling over her. Then, have her and her yummy man hit her ex’s main joint – of course we know it

However, we will do all this after the dust settles because we do not want him decoding our little secret. I’m hoping that this will make her feel better…

Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder, do men really care about such stuff?

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