Getting personal with Benjamin Ayimba


March 1, 2010 – Benjamin Ayimba is one dynamic man. His confidence comes across in the way he walks, his unwavering gaze and his quick response to any question thrown at him.

He passed by our studios this weekend and gave a brief insight into “Benja – The Man” – strong, focused, driven, naughty and a bit of a bully. Capital Lifestyle asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say…

CL: What kind of a person are you?

BA: I’m a passionate guy, very dedicated in whatever I do. I’m quite generous and always try to be happy. I try as much as I can to make myself happy…

CL: What other sports do you enjoy apart from rugby?

BA: Basketball, cricket… To start with, I was not very good at football. I think there’s enough human beings playing it and watching it, so it’s just as well that I do something different. (He laughs). Gor Mahia is actually my best team.

CL: You are aware that most girls watch rugby because of the players’ thighs. How does that make you feel?

BA: Its good for them to be attracted to the thighs, at least we get followers out of them! That’s good stuff. (chuckles).

CL: How old are you?

BA: 33 turning on 34, in August, on August 27th. I’m a Virgo.

CL: Do you believe in star signs and horoscopes?

BA: Not at all. I don’t seem religious (he chuckles), but I’ve found a lot of peace in being the Christian that I am. I’m not the fanatic Christian that would go on top of the building to shout let’s follow Jesus, but I pray a lot and get a lot of solace from there. I’m a catholic. I go to Holy Family Basilica early in the mornings so that I have most of Sunday to attend to family and things like that.

CL: How long have you been married by the way?

BA: Quite long. My first son Brian is 11 years old. My last born, Ochieng, is turning four in September… And then there’s Gabriel, seven. Ochieng is called Keenan. When I call him Keenan he doesn’t respond, when his mother calls him Keenan he responds. (Smiling.)


CL: There must be a lot of energy in your house…

BA: They’re (sons) just a mess. I try to get away from them as much as possible, but I can’t do that. (He smiles.) They’re on my case! When I’m away they start to call and ask me what time I’m getting back.

CL: What was your view of parenthood before you got your own.

BA: I didn’t have much of a choice. Brian wasn’t really as planned for as the other two, but basically it put me in a very responsible position early. I’ve always thought having kids is good, it’s just taxing… But I’ve taken it in stride and it’s really moulded who I am now.

CL: What do you make of the growing habit by Kenyans to begin families when they are much older?

BA: It’s a bit unfortunate. Maybe it’s because people have this notion that you’ll be ready one day mentally and financially to take care of a child; you’re not. Maybe it’s the sacrifice bit that they don’t want to go through, but I’m quite thankful that I started early… I’m getting to the peak of life now and I have a lot of strength to follow my kids around and put them on the straight and narrow.

CL: To lighter stuff now…are you a boxers kind of person or underwear?

BA: I like boxers. My favourite colour is grey but not plain though. Either stripes or chequered. There are several kinds. The cotton ones are for comfort, but I prefer wearing the lycra ones sometimes cause they are a lot more stretchy and allow you to move freely.


CL: If you want to feel sexy when you’re up and about, what do you do?

BA: I get well groomed. Meaning my hair would be kempt, have a nice shirt on, smell woody and spicy. I wear anything (scent) from Gucci to Bvlgari, but there’s a consistency, it has to be woody and spicy. I derive a lot of energy for the day from the cologne I wear.

CL: You ARE very energetic. What’s the drive behind it?

BA: A dream. There’s some thorough (he stresses) dream. I’ve always wanted to be successful in what I do. Most people around me made me feel like it was impossible but I see now that it is very possible. So I have the dream to be the finest that I ever was, and if money comes along then I’ll be even happier, because then I can buy what I want.

CL: Advice to women about fashion that is appealing to men or not?

BA: If you’re that special person, a guy will look at you whether you wear the latest fashion or not. Sometimes it (fashion) doesn’t suit your body. So as opposed to following fashion, they (women) should be looking to look good. I don’t mind make-up, but in moderation. You might go home and you have foundation and lipstick on your shirt. Do you know how ridiculous it is when you’re saying the truth; “Baby, this was a friend I met in the hang and we hugged”…you shall be slapped from here till there (he gestures to the far end of the studio).

CL: Lastly, what’s your thing when you’re chilling? Something that’s unique to you, like once a week. Like some people don’t shower on Sundays.

BA: I have a day when I just want to be naked… Sunday used to be my day before I got kids. But, now… it’s impossible. Even if they are away, you never know whose going to barge in.

After that we shook hands and said good-bye.


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