Getting personal with Benjamin Ayimba


March 1, 2010 – Benjamin Ayimba is one dynamic man. His confidence comes across in the way he walks, his unwavering gaze and his quick response to any question thrown at him.

He passed by our studios this weekend and gave a brief insight into “Benja – The Man” – strong, focused, driven, naughty and a bit of a bully. Capital Lifestyle asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say…

CL: What kind of a person are you?

BA: I’m a passionate guy, very dedicated in whatever I do. I’m quite generous and always try to be happy. I try as much as I can to make myself happy…

CL: What other sports do you enjoy apart from rugby?

BA: Basketball, cricket… To start with, I was not very good at football. I think there’s enough human beings playing it and watching it, so it’s just as well that I do something different. (He laughs). Gor Mahia is actually my best team.

CL: You are aware that most girls watch rugby because of the players’ thighs. How does that make you feel?

BA: Its good for them to be attracted to the thighs, at least we get followers out of them! That’s good stuff. (chuckles).

CL: How old are you?

BA: 33 turning on 34, in August, on August 27th. I’m a Virgo.

CL: Do you believe in star signs and horoscopes?

BA: Not at all. I don’t seem religious (he chuckles), but I’ve found a lot of peace in being the Christian that I am. I’m not the fanatic Christian that would go on top of the building to shout let’s follow Jesus, but I pray a lot and get a lot of solace from there. I’m a catholic. I go to Holy Family Basilica early in the mornings so that I have most of Sunday to attend to family and things like that.

CL: How long have you been married by the way?

BA: Quite long. My first son Brian is 11 years old. My last born, Ochieng, is turning four in September… And then there’s Gabriel, seven. Ochieng is called Keenan. When I call him Keenan he doesn’t respond, when his mother calls him Keenan he responds. (Smiling.)


CL: There must be a lot of energy in your house…

BA: They’re (sons) just a mess. I try to get away from them as much as possible, but I can’t do that. (He smiles.) They’re on my case! When I’m away they start to call and ask me what time I’m getting back.

CL: What was your view of parenthood before you got your own.

BA: I didn’t have much of a choice. Brian wasn’t really as planned for as the other two, but basically it put me in a very responsible position early. I’ve always thought having kids is good, it’s just taxing… But I’ve taken it in stride and it’s really moulded who I am now.

CL: What do you make of the growing habit by Kenyans to begin families when they are much older?

BA: It’s a bit unfortunate. Maybe it’s because people have this notion that you’ll be ready one day mentally and financially to take care of a child; you’re not. Maybe it’s the sacrifice bit that they don’t want to go through, but I’m quite thankful that I started early… I’m getting to the peak of life now and I have a lot of strength to follow my kids around and put them on the straight and narrow.

CL: To lighter stuff now…are you a boxers kind of person or underwear?

BA: I like boxers. My favourite colour is grey but not plain though. Either stripes or chequered. There are several kinds. The cotton ones are for comfort, but I prefer wearing the lycra ones sometimes cause they are a lot more stretchy and allow you to move freely.


CL: If you want to feel sexy when you’re up and about, what do you do?

BA: I get well groomed. Meaning my hair would be kempt, have a nice shirt on, smell woody and spicy. I wear anything (scent) from Gucci to Bvlgari, but there’s a consistency, it has to be woody and spicy. I derive a lot of energy for the day from the cologne I wear.

CL: You ARE very energetic. What’s the drive behind it?

BA: A dream. There’s some thorough (he stresses) dream. I’ve always wanted to be successful in what I do. Most people around me made me feel like it was impossible but I see now that it is very possible. So I have the dream to be the finest that I ever was, and if money comes along then I’ll be even happier, because then I can buy what I want.

CL: Advice to women about fashion that is appealing to men or not?

BA: If you’re that special person, a guy will look at you whether you wear the latest fashion or not. Sometimes it (fashion) doesn’t suit your body. So as opposed to following fashion, they (women) should be looking to look good. I don’t mind make-up, but in moderation. You might go home and you have foundation and lipstick on your shirt. Do you know how ridiculous it is when you’re saying the truth; “Baby, this was a friend I met in the hang and we hugged”…you shall be slapped from here till there (he gestures to the far end of the studio).

CL: Lastly, what’s your thing when you’re chilling? Something that’s unique to you, like once a week. Like some people don’t shower on Sundays.

BA: I have a day when I just want to be naked… Sunday used to be my day before I got kids. But, now… it’s impossible. Even if they are away, you never know whose going to barge in.

After that we shook hands and said good-bye.


  • Moe

    Hot interview!! Quite a big family he's got there I can't help but wonder if all the young ones will be into rugby when they grow older…

  • sera

    Fantastic interview CL. oooh…that man is sexy! I once pinched his ass at Untamed…it was crowded so i got away with it. Guess i shouldnt say this coz his wife might read this comment but she gotta know she got a good handsome, successful man, and oh what handsome boys…they have his smile. i am proud to be Kenyan just knowning Benja is out coach! Keep doing what your doing. Very proud Kenyan girl

  • Dickson

    Hey man i am so impressed about the way you talk about family. i also had a family relatively earlier, my son came unplanned 3 years ago and my daugther last year and i agree its a challenge but atleast i now know that even Benja is there…we love your game man.

  • average wife

    I might just start watching his game… now that I know he's got firm thighs and a tight behind…
    Am sure his wife wont mind it.
    Thanks CL

  • Yvonne

    There is nothing as admirable as a responsible father. And he is hansome too………….

  • Kwessi Pratt

    Its good you are employing extreme diplomatic language when talking about the other side. Had it been left to me, I would have easily dismissed them as contermpuous lot and awfully tribal. Their demand to occupy the high table is merely based on tribal numbers, if not ICC indictments turned to some sort of tribal heroism! If one thinks big tribe is a vehicle to leadership, that person is a traitor given that we have 42 tribes in this country. Thus, that skewed approach to national politics can easily brew rebellion. All Kenyans must be given equal opportunity to sell their ideas that would account for their numbers as democracy demands. Anything away from that is not even worthy mentioning!
    However, those who have rose to prominance through suspected crimes or crimes, can easily turn to anything that would supposedly help them get out of that sticky situation. Whether they use anti-nation antics wont matter much to them. Its the duty of every decent Kenyan to prevent criminals from taking the country down with them. The whole idea of jubilee alliance is to attempt to defeat justice while feigning innocence. Thats the line they took after we went around praying for them. It was actually a very huge mistake since divine intervention seems not to have been genuinely intented! It seems after knowing that the cases against them were watertight, they devised scheme to take over the country and claim immunity from prosecution. The whole idea of cooking up stories to effect that ICC was supposedly trying to exclude certain forces from coming elections, was clearly meant to fortify that treacherous scheme. Democracy doesnt allow suspected criminals to take part in elections! And thats why former IMF chief, who had been accused of sexual misconduct, had to forgone his run for presidency in France!!!!
    Our folks have been loudly talking about president Bashir of Sudan. What they dont realize is that his case came about when he was a sitting head of state, Simply, the case found his immunity pretty founded and intact. In our case, the indictees dont enjoy any shred of international immunity whatsoever! But somehow, they lie to themselves that immunity can be applied retrospectively! That flawed thinking is mainly meant to bring untold suffering to already nearly overwhelmed Kenyans! We should be bold enough to tell those who want to terrorize us through their criminal past to lay off forthwith. Kenya CANT be narrowed to one or two individuals! And in any case, decent well meaning people would first fight off accusations before offering themselves for leadership. Kenyans can ONLY afford to ward off economic sanctions and serious consequences by giving their votes to CORD and CORD alone!!!!!

    • Kwessi Pratt Please! For the love of God, do you at least remember what you were doing the day they were passing out common sense…? If I say something that offends you, let me know so I can do it again later. Your lips are moving, but all I hear is “blah blah blah…” Who doesn’t know that Jubilee alliance stupid; it’s possessed by a retarded ghosts? Don’t you have a terrible empty feeling in your skull? Do you want people to accept you as you are or do you want people to like you? If I hurt your feelings in any way I just want to know from the bottom of my heart that I don’t care.

      • Kwessi Pratt

        @Beloved King: Sorry I had not seen this piece of yours pal. However, I suggest that you check things properly. My estimation is that you are too mixed up. Perhaps, you posted it after several rounds of froth? I understand 5 days ago christmas was too near!!!!

    • PatrioticKenyan

      Kwessi get a life of your own, otherwise Kenyans will remain poor while politicians rape our economy over and over again, where did you see change in the unveiled line up, RAO who was the road minister, PM and KANU Secretary General. Kalonzo Musyoka the longest serving organizing secretary of KANU, Moi minister for education, Kibaki minister for foreign Affairs minister, and home affairs minister and VP. The shuttle diplomat and indecisiveness not withstanding. Wetangula, former minister of foreign affairs when a entire embassy in Japan was auctioned. Which change Kwessi, I see darkness, trouble and a collapsed economy Period.

      • Kwessi Pratt

        @PatrioticKenyan: Perhaps, as far as you are concerned, am being mean. However, tell us the two choices we are facing, which one in reality is the better? Of course, jubilee guys are intent on taking us to a doubtful path that has some unclear darkness in the horizon. They are actually self-seekers who, after messing themselves up, turned to tribalism to prove a point to international communitiy. The sad thing nevertheless, is that international community wont take their tribal schemes in to consideration whatsoever when the worst comes to the worst. Thus, their narrowness WILL eventually consign them to a very harsh judgement indeed. You CANT fashion your case outside court chambers and moreso, in Kenyan fashion when you are being tried in Europe!!!!

        On the other hand, PM, VP and Moses Watengula are normal guys offering unthreatening future. Their longevity in government is nothing and cant be used against them. They have never been in centre of power at all. They have been ministers “outside” power for all their years. Being a literally “directed” Kanu official is nothing! If anything, your potential was being checked! And shuttle diplomacy was never a bad thing at all. It was meant to protect the image of the country. Only that after deliberate escapist “mocking” politics were introduced in to it, is only when gullibles saw it as awfully bad. And in all fairness, guys at centre of power like brother Uhuru must have been the characters behind it all! After all, it was intented to save them! Remember how many still-borns have been employed towards that end? I guess, after those numerous failures, tribal “shell-cover” was discovered! Thats why we are being told that two communities, one with whose purported leader was literally bought, are going to bring peace in this country! Can peace be really bought and how is one going to re-coup his buying price?

        Guys who can be dismissed as hopeless are those who have always found themselves being in the centre of power, or being finacially favored by the powers that be. And have never came up with any single achievement or idea that could push the country forward. Uhuru and Ruto are such guys! Remember president Bill Clinton came from one of the poorest states in US and made the most success! Infact, his background pretty matches that of VP Kalonzo Musyoka, who is very idealistic indeed. But has been used by successive regimes as a powerless resource person! However, his ideas that have been put in to use have undoubtedly proved his brilliance. Talk of free education, 24 hour economy and many many other bits picked up from his 2007 campaign manifesto! Infact, we dont have any other politician that has offered so much without shouting on the rooftops!

        No sinlge Kenyan embassy house can be sold without approval by the highest authority in the land! You are therefore, behaving gullible by parading arguments that were brought up by those wanted to blackmail to get a cut. And if indeed Watengula would have ventured in such dangerous grounds on his own, he would be serving a very long prison term by now. You need to be reminded that Kenyans are pretty escapists. They never go for real culprits but only go for mere messengers! Its very sad because only cowards operate thit way!!!!

  • mkenyamwema

    KWESSI kwessi kwessi! you and cordless are living in mirage-dreams. These goons have been there for so long and they have raped the economy of this country over and over again, so away with cords, jubilees and lets make it with a more intelligent person!

    • Kwessi Pratt

      @mkenyamwema: What are you trying to say? Guys who had been permanently kept at bay cant surely be accused of anything at all. Power barons are the ones responsible for all the ills facing the country. Either frustrations are running too high in you, or need to see a doctor for other far worse ailments my friend. Why I say all that, is because Kenyans want solutions to their problems but certainly, not incoherent defeatist pronouncements that offer nothing. We are facing one of the most crucial election in the history of this country. It therefore defeats logic for one to come up with seemingly drunken attitude like you pal. We need clarity and direction! Anything short of that is totally below us pal!!!!!

      • mkenyamwema

        …..and in short, you think these goons & vultures will deliver us from our problems to the promised land?

        • Kwessi Pratt

          @mkenyamwema: When you say goons & ventures you are only refering to jubilee alliance. These other guys never fit that description. They have operated at the peripery of power for all their political lives. Its about time they were given opportunity to show their real teeth! In the present circumstances, we are only supposed to choose between CORD and Jubillee alliances. These other small fellows are not going anywhere at all. Thus, those who have tasted power and hugely influence things are the ones facing instant search lights. Of course, Uhuru and his lot falls in to this category. CORD guys have been mere messengers! And cant blamed them because of manager’s mistakes! This is Kenya and thats why president Kibaki has literally packed all top civil service positions with mt. Kenya fellows! I guess, Uhuru’s intention is to follow that insulting tribal whatever! Furthermore, why is he so willing buy to whoever shows scavenging traits? He knows his money would return in his first year in office! Then we will start being told that this or that person didnt matter, “we could have won without him anyway!!!!”

      • who are incumbent leaders? who represent the past? the line here is blurred cant tell for real!

        • Kwessi Pratt

          @Mwaura Muthinja: Power barons are the incumbents. Those who cause appointment of others are the culprits. Its so simple pal!!!!

          • James Kioko

            You mean like Raila appointing half the cabinet and other positions he must be half to blame. Nusu mkate- nusu blame.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @James Kioko: PM Raila to this has no power. He never had. Guys who have bathed in power and failed to shine are the likes of Uhuru. Infact, all recent cabinet appointments can be easily traced to him. But folks in Gatundu South are facing the same hasrdships most guys in north eastern Kenya go through. That same same character promising heaven on earth, has failed to do a thing, even with huge budget “miss-outs! Its an irony that most Kenyans cant truly take seriously. Even he has failed to help IDPs while armed with massive tracks of land! Such a mean character CANT genuinely bring any change at all. Its a pure case of selling tribalism to gain power FULLSTOP!!!!

          • James Kioko

            Kwessi you are a joke. You deny the obvious and engage in wild polemics. I feel sorry for you.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @james Kioko: May be you want to say things but you cant find the words? A pity you pal, infact, am the one feeling sorry for you! I think I should consider ignoring your seemingly “darklike jubillee” comments! May be am giving you undue highlights!!!!

      • mkenyamwema

        this dude kwessi must be a cordless sympathiser….who probably is eating the left overs of the vultures. Kenya will remain poor and mismanaged because of ignorant people like you kwessi!

        • Kwessi Pratt

          @mkenyamwema: My conviction, patriotism and faith cant allow me to be a scavenger! I hold it out on my own and thats why am able to say the truth without fear or favor!!!!

          • James Kioko

            Kwessi please your tribalism is too much and it cannot be disguised as patriotism. We still remember the tsunami we were promised by the thugs in odm. It came to pass in 2007 after they lost the election. Now you are predicting another tsunami of violence if cord loses. Kenyans are tired of your violent and hateful ways. people will be ready this time for any eventuality.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @James Kioko: I now get the point! But first tell us which tribalism you are talking about? If I were a tribalist, I would be FIRMLY in TNA by now. Perhaps you need to check your facts properly. Alternatively, you are just saying things to please yourself or your masters. I know nearly everyone in jubilee alliance who is not from Mt.Kenya is a “bought item.” Perhaps, you are one of those items? Secondly, tsunami came as predicted and we know it was forcefully aborted. Thats why there was this infamous “tallying” at KICC! Of course, the consequences of that are all known to us. But may be you were down in the village where you been repeatedly denied electricity and other enabling gadgets! You therefore dont know a thing of what you are talking about! However, one thing certain is that once CORD takes over on March 5, 2013, all those things you have so dearly missed your in life WILL come looking for you! I guess, thats when you will realize that folks had been reduced to “powerless resource” fellows! Tribalism makes the right noises and it never ever goes beyond that. Thats why top civil service jobs are reserved for only one community! And brother Uhuru is telling us that entrenched situation is going to change under his watch! Its not possible at all, if anything, it will become a tradition! After all, “bought items” wont have audacity to say a word!!!!

          • James Kioko

            Kwessi Pratt You are an incorrigible tribalist and the sad thing is you are one of those unfortunate people not smart enough to be self aware. Needless to say you are doing a good job of discrediting yourself and nothing further is necessary.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @James Kioko: Tell us exactly how, then we can take it from there. Otherwise, you deserve a huge contempt card!!!!!

  • mkenyamwema

    Yes tommorrow the whole of Kibera will be there to show the numbers… other ignorant uninformed kenyans who have nothing to do other than listen to your stale retorics. You are the vultures that kenyans should be wary of!

    • Afro-Tiger

      Friend, you are so hateful. You truly lack tact and character in trying to get your point of view across!

      Now, I expect an insult from you. for sure….and it won’t surprise me.

      • mkenyamwema

        afro-tiger…….. sura kama RAO akiwa na hung-over after a night out with UK & WR!

        • some adolescence contributing here!!!!!!

    • As I write this I realize that the whole of Kebera were in Uhuru Park with their packages you described above to show Uhuru that he will not win the presidential election on 4TH MARCH 2013. In fact the Kiberas will vote CORD while your civilized voters will vote Uhuru and you will be swallowing the bitter pills on 5th of March when Uhuru will be wondering what to do. For now just be hateful and proud, CORD is busy campaigning your time of moment is coming my friend you won’t miss it, watch this space. Arrogance is a sign of fall.

  • Do your arithmetic well.For CORD to win it will take nothing short of a miracle.And the good thing is that miracles still happen.

    • Tell them Kipkoech. 1 + 1 is 2 not 11

      • Kwessi Pratt

        @Mkursk: Why cant you let him feast on his ignorance, its bliss know…!!!!

        • Njuguna Ndungu

          It’s your ignorance you need to check.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @Njuguna Ndugu: I know tribalism is like a bottomless pit. It has no eyes, no ears, no reason and no respect. It carries itself with such bloated blindness that it neither favors logic nor truth at all. Its only when is torn in to shreds it starts to see the awkwardness of its past deeds! But thats too late … yes, too late indeed …..!!!! And what would we really call that Mr. Ndungu?

          • James Kioko

            I’m surprised you know yourself and your faults so well for such a dull and ignorant fellow.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @James Kioko: What are you saying? May be you are trying to “jump the gun” or awfully misdirecting yourself????!!!!

  • For CORD to win with 8m votes,a miracle must surely take place.Do your maths well.This is a tall order in a tribalised country like ours.But nothing is impossible.

    • Kwessi Pratt

      @Justin Kipkoech: Either way, CORD WILL win. Why? If by any stroke of bad luck Uhuru wins, impeachment process WILL start immediately. And before it could fully form, ICC moves in for the kill! This is the reality Mr. Kipkoech! If you think there is any chance at all for jubilee, you are awfully mistaken. They will only take us through very expensive process because they dont love this country but pretend to. Theirs is a sentimental affair, and mark my words pal before you waste your vote!!!!

      • suluhisho

        Vintage Kwessi Pratt…….albeit so predictable.Even the best optimist must surely practice moderation.

      • shalom

        I can not explain but the sages say the year of Jubilee there is a shift in peoples hearts’ to bring out the unthinkable!

  • gmwaura

    The language of these people that things must turn out the way they want is a recipe for chaos,how shall they react when the votes dont materilize;call thier people to the streets and attack the ones who defied them?The only good thing is that now everyone is wiser and shall be prepared.In any case, the maths dont add up.The most they shall get is 3.5 million after crediting them with the entire western vote,perod;

  • Samuel

    Nyong’o, Kilonzo and Eseli. It is surprising that Kalonzo is no longer a watermelon, king of shuttle diplomacy and a kigeugeu but a reformer that has spent all his life fighting for the liberation of our great nation. Actually, Nyong’o is the cleanest man on earth having feasted on NHIF money and ensuring that nurses spend the entire year on the streets. CORD as depicted in this article is the only coalition with a national outlook while a closer look at the political parties depict a different picture.

    Nyong’o again wants to make us believe that Ruto and UK are guilty as charges as far as PEV is concerned while the truth of the matter is he, just like any other politician is equally to blame.

    My bottom line very few politicians can claim to be “weupe kama pamba” and am certain in my mind none of them qualifies. In this regard, politics of pointing fingers, accusations, insults, character assassination and divisive politics belong to the old dispensation and have no place in today’s Kenya. Tell us what CORD will do for Kenya and not what JUBILEE will not, what you represent and not what the competition doesn’t, what you’ve done for Kenya and not what others haven’t, ……… If you ask me, CORD is the leadership we so very much need to get rid of as Kenya.

    • Kwessi Pratt

      @Samuel: Brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka was never the things you are saying. Those names were mere political propaganda meant to steal thunder from your opponent. Remember, his Wiper party was the one which gave us a new constitution? Without being checked, that was too much credit for an opponent. But guys like you hardly understand politics. Thats why brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka was able to remove the earth under your feet when you were least expecting it!!!!

      • James Kioko

        In other words they were odm lies. How can we believe anything from the crooks in odm when they freely admit to political propaganda. I supported Kalonzo but cannot support cord due to the odm tribalists and thieves.

        • Kwessi Pratt

          @James Kioki: You still dont get it! Spoiling party for someone and lying are totally two different things! And alliance agreements now wear state seals. No further tricks anymore! In any case, PM Raila has never lied to anyone on such matters. Times have changed Mr. Kiokos!!!!

  • macho nyekundu

    I rather be traumatized under a RAO dictatorship then a UHURU Looting, Grabbing, Maiming , Resources for Central Only and Centralization.We saw his father what do you expect a son of Hyena is not a Cat but a HYENA. Uhuru fought against interest control, land taxation, County independent financing, the Constitution.we ain’t blind we have the votes we have the numbers and most importantly we CENTRAL FATIGUE, go ask all other tribes they will tell you on your face so stop listening to your radio station and agreeing among your own that you can. POLENI SANAA MUKATAFAKARI HAYAA,RAILA TOSHA

    • Njuguna Ndungu

      CORD is losing to Jubilee, period.

      • Kwessi Pratt

        @Njuguna Ndugu: CORD wont lose just because you want them to. And if by any stroke of bad luck jubilee wins, what next? Darkness … darkness … darkness … darkness ….. uncertainty .. uncertainity……! Do right thinking Kenyans really deserve that? And all just because of unapologetic tribal hegemony!!!!

        • hugo victor

          @disqus_L5zpDTrv9L:disqus don’t mix issues ,men. issue one-does jubilee have the numbers to win the forthcomming election on march 4th 2013.anser .yes. does jubilee alliance have 25/47 tcounties?yes. will the jubilee have enough constituencies to drive its agenda?yes. ………………….men all the rest are polemics.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @hugo victor: Your assessment is just self-serving. It doesnt offer any supportive reasons at all! I guess, thats tribalism on the boil! By the way, you think Kenyans are that stupid to support a ticket that has darkness at the far end? You think Kenyans dont understand that Uhuru’s presidency would be recipe for hardships, if not outright disaster? Why would people vote for an ICC suspect who, despite numerous claims of innocence, has unwittingly gone a head to fortify every single accusation against him? Obviously, we are a funny lot. We never believe things are going to happen until they do. Thats why brother Hon. Ruto would tell us that ICC cases will never happen in his life time, only to be stunned by their swiftness! He even panicked and had to take a flight to Holland, apparently to “make things happen,” but all in vain! He had to resort to calling the prosecutor an evil man. A situation that cant help his cause at all. Innnocent people behave innocently pal! They dont turn to violent blind animals on loose! With tribal emotions running pretty high, Kenyans might as well be forced to run two presidential elections streched only a few months apart. May be only then is when you WILL remember me with shocked amazement!!!!!

          • macho nyekundu

            well said they think the rest of Kenyan’s are nincompoops, and we shall follow them to OBLIVION, Abraham Lincoln said “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @macho nyekundu: Be blessed pal! Am sure Kenyans wont vote for UNCLEAR FUTURE THAT MIGHT PRESENT THE WORST OF THE WORST in our national history. Only insane people can opt for tribal loyalty and empty tribal pride that poses the worst hardships imaginable! Furthermore, having a Kikuyu president who allows sons/daughters of former freedom fighters to hopelessly live on road pavements is a tribal shame, if not a national one! And jubilee candidate, with enormous tracks of land, has never had any heart for tribal folks languishing in IDP camps at all. That conceited tribalism only meant for mere voting numbers, is unworthy of any shred of a thing! Even when brother Uhuru was finance minister, he refused to release funds for resettlement of IDPs. But now that elections are around the corner, ironically tribal numbers are apparently his most fitting personal pride! That shows he is either naturally unkind or unsenselessly too mean to keep his empty but well sounding promisesl!!!!

          • Kwesssininani

            Who is this Kwessi? Must be Rao himself against all the comments here. I will vote Uhuru. The Kibera MP is the reason our people got murdered coz he couldn’t be man enough to go to court.

            1982 coup. 2007 PEV. He is just but a disaster.

          • Obviously, when frustrations set in, incoherent pronouncements take charge. Certainly you are terribly afraid of PM Raila if he is the only one who can rain truth on us! You are free to vote for whoever you want. But you must ask your innerself what will happen if Uhuru is elected president and international community imposes economic sanctions on us. Am sure you are not familiar with sanctions. They dramatically reduce value of your savings. Renders importation of goods impossible. Turns our money in to mere pieces as is the case in Zimbabwe. They also weep out businesses and middle class. Things that we normally take for granted disappeara from grocery stores and supermarkets. Our lives become worse than worts misery. Then in the midst of all that, solution refuses to come visiting!

            Now tell me would that raw wax tribalism buy you bread and other essential commodities that would instantly become unreachable luxury? Would your favorite candidate walk in to your house and give the supplies? And dont ever forget the chances are that when the worst hits us, he will be forcefully arrested and taken away to the Hague! Has Uhuru ever helped you? Remember he has refused to part with a few acres of land for IDPs! Would kinship help us when we WILL be wallowing in untold misery? Being charged with crimes you humanity is not like a walk in the park pal!

            Its unfortunate that nobody has told you that as of now, Uhuru has his both hands and legs tied up! However, in that helpless miserable situation, he pretends he can change Kenya! Only a dimwit can believe hopeless spews! And Uhuru failed to shine when he was the most powerful minister for finance in the historuy of the country, what would make him shine now when he is already a captive of ICC? We are being swayed tribalism that cant help us with a pin! If tribalism was a helping glue, would we be having relatives of former freedom fighters living on road pavements in Kiambu? Why has that supposedly generous raw tribalism? Why have our leaders and wealthy folks seen it necessary to help those people if tribalism has any shred of importance?

            I dont want to revisit PEV. But for your information, PM Raila did the right thing not to go to court. The changes we have seen wont come without that bold action of his. He had won the election anyway! And judiciary at the time, was president’s over-crippling arm! How did 1982 coup affect you, it wasnt another Kikuyu-targeting enterprise anyway? UHuru is the disaster! He is misleading Kikuyu peasants that things will change for tribal betterment under his watch! But since he joined government over a decade ago, there is nothing to show he ever did anything for collective good of Kikuyus. He simply hoping against that ICC would “recognize” his haphazard deceitful efforts to “unite” the country. And probably have mercy on him. Beyond that, he awfully grooving in the dark!

            The only man who would have saved Uhuru is brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka, the only internationally known diplomat in the country. But since he had refused to steal or be corrupted, somebody got afraid that he might seal corruption avenues once he got in to power! Thus, this misleading song of supposedly not having numbers. However, as retired president Moi used to tell us, sombody is going to fry himself with his own fat like swine! The moment you start feeling that you can take care of yourself when you are under leash, you make the worst mistake in your life. By the way, if it were not for VP Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru would probably not have became a deputy prime minister! The legless government that Kibaki would formed without Kalonzo, would have been a quicksand. But we are used to stabbing our friends in back and other communities are quickly waking up to that treacherous reality! In the end, those we are idolizing today, will tommorow pass as the worst enemies of our community!!!!

          • yansoon

            kwessi your writting is too long and boring!!!!! you must be a very boring man>>>>>please get a life and get married

          • Its has never been the length fellow but the points! Am sure you are finding them unchallengeable, thus the frustrations! Am just 4 years away from breathing on the neck of 40 and honestly, I dont pretend to be a younster. I see myself as a total man above the mischief associated with youngsters and very proud of that. Therefore, I have life and the sweetness that goes with it. So why not lay off on that?

          • hugo victor

            i really can t argue for Kenyans because they have the sovereign will and right to make their own decisions,and to vote as they wish(i mean i cant go around ,`kenyans want’ or ‘kenyans don’t want’). accordingly u allege that my assessment is self serving i don’t know how my assement is self serving being that am neither affiliated to JUBILEE or CORD.My assement is based on the IEBC final voter registration (2012) and an interpolation based on the 1992,1997,2002 general elections NOTE i did not say Jubilee will win the forth coming general elections i said THEY HAVE the numbers to not only win but drive their agenda.a simple analysis of the per county voting tallies even from the 2005 and 2010 will clearly show that the presidency is jubilees to lose.
            about your forcasted disaster and POST 2013 G.E i think you should really ask yourselves whether you have the capacity to make such an analysis i posit you lack sufficient data to even carry out a straight forward geopolitical analysis.therefore please restrain yourself to facts and issues at hand .you are doing CORD a disservice by you un-informed doomsday scenarios based on nothing but accumulated anxiety and hateful exuberance.

          • Kwessi Pratt

            @hugo victor: I certainly appreciate the way you tried to “cut corners” and even attempted to hide your “t” loyalty! Infact, by claiming that am “doing CORD disservice by uninformed doomsay scenarios based on nothing but accumulated anxiety and hateful exuberance,” you clearly expose your intention and leanings! And thats done without affording us explanation of how you arrived at that! Of course, what you are telling us is that tribal numbers would carry the day regardless of serious consequences the country will face if jubilee alliance takes over the leadership. You should understand that Kenyans are alot wiser than ever before. Their tribal loyalty wont save them from REAL HARDSHIPS ONCE ANTI-INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP TAKES SHAPE! They also know that Uhuru and his lot are too financially comfortable to face hardships once economic sanctions are imposed on the country. Well informed Kenyans now pretty well that in event of such situation, it will be every one for himself. Thus, the tribal politics being rolled out wont be anywhere to help!
            Kenyans actually know that they are approaching the most decisive year in their political history. They know they are entering year that WILL decide whether Kenya is going to be a FAILED STATE OR NOT. They are pretty aware of selfish schemes that you are pushing for! Jubilee alliance is the incarnate of those destructive tribal selfish interests. They are on overdrive to not only to shake foundation of the nation, but also to test resolve of international community. The alliance is offering empty bravado and extreme darkness at the far end! Uhuru Kenyatta himself has actually admitted that fact! Therefore, if the captain is enveloped by crippling fear and desperation, what are supporters supposed to expect? And captain knows we are headed for chop and is saying as much, are we then supposed to that blind path?
            Tribalism in whatever guise has never helped anyone at all. Its therefore crazy for anyone to imagine that “owning” a dangerous tribal president can offer any solution at all. We have to rise up above empty tribal emotions that are meant to awfully cloud our vision. I believe Kenyans are going to show the world that we love our country but not tribal enclaves that offer nothing but pugnacious madness. Obvioulsy, jubilee alliance leaders have been very economical with the truth. The moment by any stroke of bad luck, they win, instead of getting congratulation messenges, warnings to Kenyans for making a bad choice will come thundering.
            Those warnings will triger chain reactions that would swiftly sweep the earth under our feet. And before that hard reality dawns on us, the dreadful economic sanctions will be at our doorsteps! I suspect even ICC will be prevailed upon to issue arrest warrants for “president of Kenya and his deputy” for threatening stability and peaceful co-existence in the country! What would follow there after, is too unplatable to imagine! And if all these sure chain of events are what you are calling hateful exuberance, perhaps you either dont know international community works, or you simply feign ignorance or both!!!!

  • CMOS

    Hawks and doves have lined up for our (my vote) votes. In March 04, we shall put to bed what has been but just dreams of tribalists, opportunists, nepotists and narcissistics. For good.

  • Kennedy Wanyande

    Hallo learned fellow, how have you been! I got some firy end year news for you. Report it as Bfound news article.

    Here it goes…


    A Kenyan market research firm which conducted it’s polls between 14th and 28th December found out that Quincy Timberlake is the most hated personality of the year. A new survey conducted by the poll firm says 65% of Kenyans want Timberlake dead for his religious Finger of God connections, marriage to Esther who was supposed to married to a minister and rivaling the current Prime Minister to be his “successor” of Langata politics. Atop all, some want him dead because he was born out of wedlock.

    An official told us that during the polls conducted among 4000 Kenyans from all the 47 counties, averagely Timberlake was the most personality with most Kenyans almost prepared to take his life away if chances were available.

    All is blamed on our media which fueled the national and international hate Timberlake facing today. Kenyans believe/believe in their media, especially when it becomes controversial over sensitive matters. He’s in a bad shape, marginalized mentally broken and unwanted. There are reports that he has attempted murder on his life thrice which ended fruitlessly. The report also went ahead confirming that Kenya Police were eager than ready to apprehend Timberlake upon his arrival at the airport then torture and kill him for political and religious reasons. But a special discovery confirmed that he was hated for being a bastard in his community where such children are always outcast from the rest of the society. They must die according to that community’s traditions.

    Top politicians are always united when it comes to passing a negative say over Timberlake but differ when it comes to their personal and political matters. Which means Timberlake’s security is not guaranteed enough as he keeps on running across the globe seeking a safe hideout from his pursuers and blood “thirsters”.

    This has finally raised a stormy question, is there anything Kenyans do not know about this hate? Is it true that some senior government officers and politicians hold grudge against him for holding a cruising report on post election violence or there are more reasons to this hate we do not know?

    To our surprise, even despite Timberlake fleeing the UAE, some hate filled Kenyans still pursue him in his current country of escape which has also sent him fleeing once more to an unknown destination. A group of Africans were seen sending death threats to Timberlake outside a train station which might have alarmed his fresh fleeing. Currently, he’s missing and even his wife does not know where he is.

    It’s known that should Timberlake’s life be compromised, the State has answers and must be responsible as it goes on hunting for Timberlake while Kenyans sit back and hate their own instead of supporting his rights. Comments against Timberlake are one way to confirm the passionate hate towards him.

    Kenyans, who is paying these squads to pursue Timberlake’s life? Believe it or not, we’ll fearlessly announce that to you soon provided they don’t yank it from our publishing sites and ban it from streets.

    Report by: Kennedy Wanyande of University of Makerere, Uganda

  • omanga omanga

    where will u get 8m votes from ?. wake up and stop dreaming. jubilee got the numbers

    • Kwessi Pratt

      @omanga omanga: Just wait, dont jump the gun! Jubillee alliance is mere doubts, desperation and fear. You think Kenyans are going to choose such a pathetic situation? CORD might even superpass that 8m mark once true reality on jubilee sinks!!!!

  • you say CORD is an agent of reform? think twice. these are the same same politicians. just changing parties does not mean changing of one’s values. the only real change would be brought by a league of fresh politicians. CORD & Jubilee are just but recycles for the last 50 years!

    • @Gtrendsolutions Gtrendscents: I dont want to say you are a dreamer, but would rather say you are confused. Thats because you are not telling us what fresh league of politicians would do and how. Furthermore, who are that fresh lot? And dont you know that in our current set up, its impossible for one to wake up and walk straight to top leadership? Obviously, you are overwhelmed by talk of purported youthfulness by aging fellows in their 50s! They dont even understand that youthfulness is a preserve for sport or even fighting, of which they are charged of by ICC! More pointedly, Uhuru’s father became president when he was over 100 years. Actually his birth details had to be changed to avoid snility tag! However, the country’s solid foundation can easily be traced to him.

      If jubilee guys were truly capable of being our decent leaders, they wont even talk of age at all. Furthermore, every human being is imbued with some special attributes that are horned within any period in their life time. Its therefore, only wicked people who can claim leadership in the narrow premise of age! What Kenya needs is clear-minded far sighted person whether an old fellow or a younster! Its immoral for characters accused of drunkardness, dishonesty, blatant abuse of public trust, tribailsm, theft and even crimes of against humanity to pretend that they can offer Kenyans solutions to their enormous problems! By the way, those same problems have precisely build up within the confines of above vices! You either opt for choice that has potential to take us to the next level, or opt for uncertainity and darkness that might make the sky fall over us! Its that simple pal. Essentially, there is no time at all for any other choice to form. Thus, your suggestion is too late in the day and awfully unviable!!!!



    • You are absolutely being naive pal. Kenyans are not going to vote for jubilee because they know by so doing, they will be collectively trying to jump in to uncertain dark future. Uhuru and Ruto are already barred from travelling to certain European countries. That means their election would elicite swift economic sanctions that will cripple us all. Economic sanctions dont select tribalism or kinship. They floor every job, product and enterprise on their way. With that knowledge, Kenyans are NOT going to embrace tribal politics thats being rolled out by jubilee alliance. Thats why CORD might even superpass their 8m target!!!!

  • suluhisho

    Dream On……….Jubileee Govt for a Jubilee Nation and Jubilee Year!

    • Jubilee is darkest of clouds hanging over us pal! To expect better things in such dark situation is to utterly lie to yourself. And my friend great things have never ever been brought by suspects or criminals for that matter. There is no country on earth that has transformed itself under tight hands of criminals. Kenya is not going to be any different if jubilee wins. And dont forget they are promising better security and high economic growth. However, the current minister for internal security is a TNA member and has already failed to stem out insecurity. Cant jubilee alliance give him their lay-out to end insecurity if they had any at all? And Uhuru was only the other day minister for finance but stagnated the same economy with deliberate miss-outs, if not outright thefts! Teaching old dogs new tricks is next to impossible pal. These guys are simply fighting ICC while using us their shield. Furthermore, if we had put them in practice and failed, how are they going to “promise and deliver?”

      • suluhisho

        @disqus_L5zpDTrv9L:disqus your lengthy albeit mediocre post can only be summed up in one word…Jubileephobic!!

        • Simply say you have no response to issues raised and cut the mischief! Leashed fellows cant worry anyone. But only if they are allowed with their bloodied hands to get power!!!!

          • suluhisho

            @disqus_L5zpDTrv9L:disqus you are too paranoid to see issues clearly, so we cannot discuss issues with you coz you are already fixated to the Imperialists and mentally biased, trod on….on the denial path!!

          • Imperialists is an old word, it passed its sellby date over two decades ago! Perhaps, your fixation with a tribal chief clouds your view! By the way, what do you mean by biased mentality? You mean walking away from village “swings” is bias, I thought the reverse was the case?

          • suluhisho

            Just noticed who wrote the article……………..forget about it the die is cast!

          • Escapist thoughts wont help either!!!!

  • mary

    i dont believe in this ……..n u shall be suprised to see what u think is not exatly what will happen …..

  • This is the most delusional article i have read the whole of my life.How can such learned fellows come together and put up such a misguided and misinformed post?You say that ‘Cord , which stands for fundamental change emphasizing national unity,
    justice for all, and equitable distribution of our nation’s resources.’ You have very noticeably forgotten that the Prime Minister has been in government in that position for more than 5 years now.Has he suddenly noticed the resources?Kalonzo Musyoka is the vice-president.He will be the next president according to you.What difference shall we see?Zero.Kalonzo has done nothing for the people of Mwingi where he comes from.They are actually happy that he is going to lose this election so badly and give someone else a chance at leadership.Please advice your CORD principles to vacate office as soon as Tuesday because then we shall have a Jubilee government in place and we shall indeed take this country forward.Let us have peace and encourage informed thoughts here.

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