We are not a cult, says Hellon

February 26, 2010 – We are not a cult, Joseph Hellon insists of his controversial Finger of God (FOG) church during an interview on Jeff Koinange’s bench.

Hellon says the allegations against his church were fabrications and a ‘sign that their (FOG) stars are shining very bright, dazzling all the enemies around and scaring powers that have been…’ HELLON_JOSEPH_116251564.jpg

Joseph Nimrod Hellon Onyango had a very ‘spirited’ interview with JK and said that there was no proof whatsoever that FOG was a church.

“There were lies that we had guns, there were lies that we had drugs, there were lies that we were pimps… is there any rule or law in this nation that states you shall not have your family members come to visit you, if they do then thou art a cult Joseph Hellon,” he said, mentioning that CID officers had raided his house twice.

He went on to say that he is not afraid to be himself and will most definitely make it to the top seat in 2012.

“I’ve known from childhood I’d be president one day.’ JH said he would keep trying until he became president, since he is only 32.

“Pride comes before a fall. Joseph Hellon is rising up, that means there is no pride in my life. I renounced it a long time ago. So Joseph Hellon will be president… God has confirmed to me without any reasonable doubt that I am a leader. And if I can clean up a little church like Finger of God and remove the disgruntled people, then…”

HELLON_ESTHER_1_279811742.jpgThe interview was laced with bible quotes and reasons to vote for the jazz-ician in the next elections. He declared once again that Esther would be his running mate and Quincy Timberlake would be Prime Minister.

JH went on to defend Benny Hinn, saying the man had been his spiritual leader for several years and would be coming to Kenya to sue the newspaper that reported that he was on the verge of a divorce.

He said that he has not brain-washed Esther Arunga and questioned why the matter was suddenly being blown out of proportion after he ‘fired’ people from his church.

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