Former TV host now seeks treatment



February 23, 2010 – The family of former TV news anchor Esther Arunga who has dominated news headlines for the past week has finally managed to separate her from the controversial Finger of God church, at least for now.

Family sources told Capital News that the family is “helping Esther get professional counselling to ensure she recovers from the whole episode.”

Esther who was arrested on Saturday morning alongside Finger of God Church leader Joseph Hellon, Quincy Timberlake and five of their members including two under-age girls was released early on Monday, as the rest were arraigned in court.

HELLON_JOSEPH_116251564.jpgHellon, Timberlake and the five others denied charges of being members of an illegal society, commonly known as The Finger of God, and were freed on a bond of Sh20,000.

All but Quincy; whom the court was urged not to grant bail because he had absconded once before in another case.

On Tuesday, a family member told Capital News that Arunga was “at home and is doing quite fine.”

“She is undergoing counselling sessions and will be okay. She has no problem at all,” said the family source.

Another family member told Capital News that they had decided “not to allow her back to that church because that is where all these problems started.”

Esther, who recently announced her resignation from KTN as a news anchor to join the now famous and controversial Finger of God Church has dominated local news channels and newspapers, with even bloggers taking keen interest to debate on whether the church she had joined was a cult.

Police have indicated that they would use her as the prosecution witness to testify against Hellon, Quincy and the rest of the church members who appeared in court on Monday and Tuesday.

Our source said the family had resorted to remain tight-lipped on the former TV news anchor’s affairs “to avoid unnecessary publicity.” ESTHER_HELLON_CAR_101297346.jpg

And this was apparent, from her mother’s reaction when she was contacted by Capital News.

She said, “I don’t know where she is. I am also looking for her.”

Asked about the counselling sessions Esther was reported to have been undergoing, she said “Well I don’t know. I’m not the one who took her, so we don’t know where Esther is.”



Bernard is the News Editor at Capital FM. He commands over a decade of experience in news gathering having worked in both print and electronic media. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences (Moi University) and Master of Arts in Communication Studies-Development Communication (University of Nairobi).

  • Dougy

    I'm I reading this right? Esta at counseling? This is bizarre. Wat has really got into this lady? I mean, she got brains, money, looks not forgetting a family that really cares (and they have shown it)Esta,This is not what any1 would expect from you. mind you there are some young ladies looking up on you as a role model n u've ultimately let them down!

  • sigu

    Esther is a role model to many. you showed girls that young girls can make it. please show the young girls the right way to go if one gets in such hard times. hope for quick recovery

  • man wth the bass

    Esta…bla bla bla, this n that…!!!it takes a small leak to sink a great(in this case,seemingly great)ship!Open and shut case,on to the next 1…..

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