Esther Arunga lashes out at media 'slur'

February 18, 2010 – Former TV news anchor Esther Arunga and Finger of God leader Joseph Hellon finally spoke out on Thursday over recent media reports and urged the public to leave them alone.

HELLON_ESTHER_1_279811742.jpgEsther, who quit her TV job recently to join Hellon’s controversial church held a press conference in the company of the preacher’s wife and told journalists that she was not influenced by anyone to join the faith.

“I am an adult, I can stay wherever I want, and I choose to stay where I stay. I am almost 30 and living with my parents didn’t work for me that well,” she said and vowed to take legal action against media houses and reporters who alluded she moved away from her parents out of influence.

She spoke alongside Hellon and his wife who said they have welcomed Arunga to their home because she is their church member.

“There is nothing wrong with me staying with my church, there is nothing wrong absolutely,” Hellon said and revealed he had known the former TV queen for long.

Though she said it was not public information who she was dating, Arunga admitted she moved to stay with Hellon after breaking out of a relationship with her former fiancée.

“It is not anyone’s business where I stay and who I stay with, it is my life and I am an adult,” a visibly angry Esther said.

Saxophonist Hellon on his part said Esther had been a member of his congregation for quite a while now and that she was even one of the leaders.

“Esther is a leader in our church, but before that she was my friend we met at ICC when I went to play my Saxophone during the launch of the church and she was an MC and she liked the doctrines that I preach,” he said.

“Since last year, about 12 months ago, there’s been rumours that I was pregnant. I just hear it on the street and I get very amused. No, I am not pregnant,” Esther added. ESTHER_HELLON_CAR_101297346.jpg

The buck does not stop there. As they were concluding the press conference, Hellon announced that he will be vying for Kenya’s top seat in 2012 (yes the presidency), with Esther as his running mate.

“It might not be the appropriate place to make this announcement, but I will… Ladies and gentlemen of the 4th estate, Come 2012, I Joseph Hellon is vying for president of Kenya. And Esther Arunga is my running mate…”

As journalists guffawed and asked for a clarification, Arunga said; “He just told you I’m his running mate, for 2012! Yes…”

“Ok guys,” said Hellon, “thank you very much.”

And that was that…

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