Diana fearless ahead of FOA finals

Kenyan Face of Africa Participant Diana Nekoye

Diana Nekoye is a confident woman as she prepares to go to the finals of M-Net Face of Africa, which will be held in Lagos, Nigeria on February 6.

She made it to the top 10 and genuinely feels that there is no competition for her on this nerve-wrecking venture. Why is she so confident?

“I have done what I can. I have done my absolute best and I am ready for the finals,” she told a press conference on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old has had a dazzling rise to the top ten amid fiercely competitive beauties from all over Africa.

From the grueling boot camp in Mombasa to a fashion show in South Africa and Dar es Salaam, working with household names in fashion such as Naomi Campbell and Iman.

“Those experiences were some of the most life changing for me. It was such an honour to meet and work with Naomi Campbell in Dar es Salaam. And then all the things I learnt at the boot camp have really prepared me for a career in modeling,” Diana said.

Face of Africa is an annual competition where Africa’s most gorgeous women are chosen to run the most sought after catwalks in the world.

Designer Kaveke, FOA participant Diana and Stella of Multichoice

The winner of this year’s competition will walk away with $50,000 in cash from M-Net, a modeling contract with O Model Africa and after the finals in Lagos flown straight to New York for the fashion week there!

Diana says that if she wins the competition she will make the most out of her career.

“I am confident in what I can do and I am sure I can go places. This will give me a fabulous opportunity.”

The confident 4th year B Comm and Marketing student at Kenyatta University says she will complete her education and use her modeling and marketing background to make a living for herself.

“You can’t be a model all your life. Soon someone younger and prettier comes along and you need to have something to fall back on.”

Diana says she had never imagined that she would be a model.

“It happened when I was in my second year. I contested for the Miss KU pageant and came in fifth. But some model scouts in the audience signed me up and I got my first modeling gig.”

Two Kenyan designers, John Kaveke and Liz Ogumbo will be showcasing their designs in Lagos.

“It’s exciting to be a part of this. I am showcasing three designs and theme is art and fashion. To me, this opportunity means I am recognized on an international level. I am very excited,” said Kaveke, who has been creating fashion for close to ten years now.

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