Compulynx unveils 2012 growth strategy

January 4, 2010 – Buoyed by continued fast business growth in the local Information and Communications market, an IT and business solutions provider CompuLynx Limited has unveiled a strategic business blueprint to enable it further spur its global operations.

CompuLynx’s Chief Executive Officer Sailesh Savani said they have adopted a three year business growth strategy geared at spearheading the firm’s ambitious growth plans on the local and the international market.

COMPULYNX_489679591.jpg“The ‘CompuLynx Vision 2012’ strategy will be rolled out in successive phases with the ultimate goal of ensuring strategic business growth while guaranteeing effective, efficient and fast service delivery,” said the CEO.

He said the plan would feature four key pillars aimed at steering the firm’s expansion plans across its operating practice areas. It (plan) is also expected to guide them through the current growth phase with a turnover target of Sh1 billion ahead of 2012.

Developments on the local and international business and information technology solutions scene, he explained, have continued to show positive trends necessitating further investment in CompuLynx business management practices.

“Inspired by the prevailing market climate, we have taken a bold step to adopt a strategic business vision leading to 2012 that will ensure that all our undertakings are planned for and cease to be generic,” Mr Savani said.

Locally, the firm whose turnover is now above the Sh400 million mark has developed retail software solutions for several supermarkets, banks and universities.

CompuLynx has branch offices in Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Dar-es-salaam and Kampala. It has partnered with leading IT-companies like Oracle, IBM, Datacard and Microsoft which enables them to provide various products, solutions and platforms in different industry sectors.

“As an international end to end solutions provider, CompuLynx operates under key business practice platforms which include retail, government, banking, financial service and insurance,” he added.