My holiday plans are…

Christmas is here with us again. Some of us have plans to party twill we drop, others will be working, and many will be spending time with family members. Here’s what some of the Capital FM staff have planned for the holiday. To us from Capital Lifestyle Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a lovely New Year.

Michael Mumo

Michael Mumo – Editorial Director
I believe Christmas is a time to spend with family. I will be at home with my wife and two kids. I have a baby so we are not likely to be travelling out of town. I will take them out for the day. I will be working over New Year’s so nothing much to celebrate there, is there?
Rob Jillo

Rob Jillo – Special Projects Editor
I will be working over the Christmas period but I will have a break during the New Year holiday. Hopefully, I will drive to Marsabit with my family. My kids are excited and want to see their grand parents (ako and akhaku) especially my daughter since she has never seen the oasis in the desert that is Marsabit. If we have time, we will also pass through Muranga on our way back to greet Guka and Cucu.

Tony Gatheca

Tony Gatheca – Direct Sales Manager
I will go upcountry and it will be a time to catch up with family.  We will chinja mbuzi (slaughter a goat) gather and celebrate the birth of Jesus. New Year’s the party will be in Nairobi with friends and make new resolutions, which I hope to keep.


Gaetano Kagwa

Gaetano – Capital In the Morning Presenter
Lots of sleep, lots of rest. It has been a very long year. I have attended so many weddings one of them being my own. This is time to sit back relax and take it all in.


Yunia Amunga – News Presenter
Being with my family, which is very important. Children really treasure Christmas so I have a little surprise for my children.  We are going to go out of Nairobi and bond with them for the Christmas week and come New Year it is back to business.


Eric Latiff

Eric Latiff – Online Editor
On Christmas Day, I am working. I will take my family out somewhere, where we can enjoy some quiet moments. No matter what ups and down you have had with family, Christmas is a time for family to reconnect. Let us not forget that.

Laura Walubengo

Laura Walubengo – Senior Editor Lifestyle
I shall be going to Bungoma. My mom was fed up with her children going to Mombasa all the time and summoned us home. Nine kids, with even more kids of their own; we’re going to have a grand ol’ time. I am so excited.

What are you planning for this holiday season?

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