Caffeine Doesn't Help you Sober Up

How many times has this happened?  You’ve had a few too many drinks and you’re trying to sober up, so a friend makes you a cup of coffee or tea to help speed up the process.  Sound familiar?  

If so, you should know that caffeine does NOT help you sober up.  In fact, according to a new study from Temple University, it might actually make things worse.

That’s because when people are “awake drunk” . . . which is what it’s called when you mix the effects alcohol and caffeine . . . they’re actually more likely to take risks than if they were just drunk and tired.  

A guy named Thomas Gould co-led the study.  He says, “ there’s a false sense of security that caffeine can reduce the negative effects of alcohol.  But the cognitive impairment remains, and that can lead to poor choices and the inability to react to key stimuli . . .”

“Caffeine will make you less sleepy and maybe you are less likely to fall asleep behind the wheel, but it won’t make you any less drunk . . . You are not going to be able to quickly and properly make choices.”

By the way, if you’re wondering how to speed up the sobering process, there’s no surefire way to do it.  Generally, it takes an hour for every drink you’ve had to leave your system.  So if you’ve had six drinks, it’ll take you six hours to get sober.

Source: Daily Finance

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