"Oriflame has changed my life"


Founded in 1967, Oriflame has been producing skincare products made with natural ingredients, and uses direct sales as their distribution method. Capital Lifestyle had a chat with some of its product users and this is what they had to say. 

jeremy_muchiri_262792292.jpgWhich Oriflame products do you use?
Maggie Forbes: For make up I use Giordani Adaptive Foundation and Bronzing Pearls. I also use the, mascara, lip-gloss, stick brow definer, eye shadow and nail varnish. For my feet I use the Feet Care range, the Swedish Spa Range, the Perfect Body range and the Feminelle Intimate wash.
Jeremy Muchiri: I use North for Men and the Anti-ageing  control product for my hair.
Sharon Loveday: As an independent consultant, I have been fortunate to have been exposed to eight ranges of Oriflame products. I use the Optimals (Green) range for my daily cleansing and toning. I moisturize with Ecollagen anti-wrinkle complex range.  For my Make-up, I use the Giordani Gold Range of Adaptive Foundation and Finishing Loose Power. For Body Care, I use the Milk & Honey Range. For my Hair Care, I use the HairX range. Finally, to finish off, I use Amethyst Fatal (The Gem Collection) Eau De Perfume. 

How long have you been using the Oriflame products?
I have been using the products for 12 months
Maggie: For the last six months.
Jeremy: Since April.

How is the service at the Oriflame shop?
Fabulous. The staff at Oriflame are efficient. They go the extra mile and are extremely knowledgeable.
Jeremy: Average.
I find the service excellent; the personnel are very friendly and make you feel at home.  I get first hand advice on the cosmetics from the in-house beauticians, who are well versed with the products and its usages, which is extremely helpful.

Sharon LovedayHow have the Oriflame products changed your life?
I used to wear basic makeup for my everyday wear.  As an Independent Consultant with Oriflame I now wear my full makeup kit daily. This helped me market the products and also boosted myself esteem and has given me a much-improved image.
It has changed my life because now my skin glows. My friends tell me I look good. At the end of the month also the company gives me a little bonus.
Maggie: They have changed my life. I look great and feel fabulous each day.




Some people feel the pricing is steep, how do you feel about this?
The prices are good. But if they can adjust them a little, it will be good and fair for most of us.
Maggie: I feel the pricing is great since these are products of high quality. One can reduce the cost further by joining Oriflame as a user (you buy them at consultant rates). The products also last up to four months or more.
Sharon: As much as price is a factor, the quality of the product and the results it gives is even more important. Oriflame products are made from natural ingredients. I feel the products are fairly priced and the company caters for a whole range of individual needs and its pricing structure caters for all affordability levels. 
Maggie Forbes
Have you recommended them to your friends and family?
Jeremy: Yes I have. As a consultant I also have a big network of 34 persons.
Maggie: Absolutely. My spouse  is using the North for Men range. My son is using the Mattifying cream while my daughter loves the bootylicious lipgloss and varnish. My friends are also big time users of Oriflame.
Sharon: Yes. I have. My husband uses the North for Men range. Signature EDT and Deo of fragrances range is his favorite. My daughter uses the Grape range of the Skin Care, Miss Punk of the fragrance range, and is thoroughly enjoying the Color cosmetics. My mother is using the whole Time Reversing range. It has given her a rejuvenated look. I have also introduced Oriflame to many of my friends, who are comfortable with the products and are happy with the results. I have successfully signed on 73 consultants personally and through this network of 73 consultants, we have managed to open up a network of 546 Consultants.
Through Oriflame, I am now my own boss; I have gained financial freedom and fantastic lifestyle not forgetting a great network of friends that I never knew before Oriflame. Oriflame allows us to make money today and fulfil our dreams tomorrow.  To those out there do not give it a second thought, sign on today.

To learn more about the Oriflame products, visit their website Oriflame


  • jimmy

    it tells it all….. what a posting.very nice products. DARE DREAM!!!!

  • halima ali

    ORIFLAME products are fantastic, because i use them myself.
    since i started using them i have seen a great change and i look fabulous.
    oriflame is real business opprtunity.
    incase you want to use the products or sample them, please drop me a line at [email protected] or call me on 0721330101

  • jade

    Just another mlm…

  • Kimani Kenneth

    Oriflame is real dare dream all the time day and night kindly join me we dream together and make a change in you and your freinds life. Oriflame the sky is the limit.

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    For any skin procedure, how you pay is often as important as how much you pay. If you can find a good skin care plan that offers a discount off any procedure.

  • vivian omondi

    i like it oriflame is real if now am cut then my blood is green bcoz of oriflame

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