Five must have holiday trends

The holiday season is here with us. Looking glam is a must as you head out for holidays and get into the party scene. Here are five must have holiday looks.


The sequin look
A huge trend is shinning through. Adorning sequins is the in-thing this holiday season. Stand out and let out your nighttimes diva in the club in a sexy sequin dress or top. Sequins have enough sparkle. Pair your dress or top with a solid colour. It could be a black purse, black pants or black heels. Keep it simple.

The wild animal print look
This look makes a very bold statement and is quite unforgiving if worn wrongly. You will look either classy or tacky. For slim ladies choose a small animal print, and for full figured ladies pick the more bold animal print (pic 2). A little goes a long way. The print is the accessories. Keep your other accessories very plain, very simple and very minimalist.


The metal and sequin embellished look
This vintage look is hot and definitely, for the sedate woman who still wants to stand out.  This is a great look for the shy ladies who feel the sequin dress or top look is not for them. Accessorise your outfit with a metal hardware or sequin embellished jewellery, belt or a bag.

The neon look
This fun 80’s look is back in season. With this look, there is no way you can avoid being the centre of attention. If you are going to wear leggings, shoes or carry a purse, ensure that they are a good solid black. Match your neon dress or top with jewellery that is also a solid colour



The bright, bold and beautiful look
This look is particularly fantastic for lazy afternoon cocktail parties and weddings. The strapless dresses are a perfect way to keep cool in this hot December month. You can mix and match with different accessories. It is a very feminine look and perfect for any body size.

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