Beauty myths demystified with Oriflame

Beauty with Oriflame

Everyone has heard or been advised about some new way of making their skin glow or making their hair softer or making their nails stronger. For the next two weeks Oriflame will be demystifying long held beauty myths for you.

1. Soap is bad for your skin – Older formulas contained animal fats and vegetable oils. Today’s soaps are much milder and some contain moisturizers that do not dry out your skin. Clean skin is better than dirty skin.

2. Shaving your legs will make your hair grow in thicke
r – You have as many hairs as is genetically determined, regardless of whether you shave them. However, shaving can make hairs appear “stubbier” and perhaps thicker.

Water3. Drinking a lot of water leads to beautiful skin – While drinking water is necessary for our bodies; too much will only result in bloating and too many trips to the bathroom.

4. Split ends can be repaired
– The only way to rid of split ends is to cut them off and prevent them in the future with good hair care.

5. Dry skin causes wrinkles – Not true. Most wrinkles are caused by too much exposure to the sun. Always use sunscreen.

6. You can wash acne and pimples away
– Scrubbing too vigorously will increase oil production and only aggravate the condition.

7. The sun clears up blemishes – While the sun will temporarily dry out pimples, it interferes with healthy skin cells. This can cause a worse breakout a couple days after sun exposure.

8. You don’t need to use sunscreen on a cloudy day -The sun’s UV rays penetrate clouds and can still damage your skin.

Chocolate does not cause bad skin

9. Chocolate and greasy foods cause acne – No one food has been proven to cause breakouts. If you find a correlation, quit eating that particular food.

10. You can shrink the pores on your face – Your pore size is genetically determined. Pores may appear larger by bacteria and dead skin cells. Retin-A and Alpa hydroxys are designed to break up these materials and bring the pores back to their original appearance.

Listen to The Jam every Monday to Thursday for the fun and interactive ‘Beauty Speak with Oriflame’ with Cess and Charles. To learn more about Oriflame products and Christmas give aways go to the Oriflame Site.



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