Goodbye Itai


November 30, 2009 – Itai jumped up with excitement when his name was called for him to leave the BBA Revolution House.

In recent days Itai has been talking about how much he is ready to leave, and how excited he is about the life awaiting him outside the House.

When his fellow Housemates had bade him farewell, Itai didn’t know there was instant excitement waiting for him at the Eviction arena.

He was almost breathless when he saw his girlfriend in the crowd. Itai’s girlfriend looked equally excited to see him, smiling broadly and sashaying for him.

When IK questioned Itai about his girl, he got emotional and shed a tear, while confessing his love for her and how much he missed her whilst in the House.

Over the past two weeks Itai has been talking about how much he misses his girlfriend.

He even said one of the first things he will do when he gets out of the House, is propose marriage to his girl.

After Itai had left, the five remaining Housemates, Edward, Mzamo, Emma, Kevin and Nkenna went into song, praising, worshipping and praying to God for bringing them thus far.

Nkenna led the sermon which lasted for over half an hour.

Thereafter it was a brief dinner and then Housemates dispersed to their separate beds.

Nkenna and Kevin spent some of their time in bed reading, before they dozed off while Emma dozed off immediately. Mzamo and Edward soon followed.

This is the Housemates’ last week in the House. And with six Housemates left, Biggie took to the streets to find out who some of the Evicted Housemates think will win BBA Revolution.

Big brother final five

Teddy from Kenya who was the first to be Evicted after spending only one week in the House, said although he thinks Kevin will win, his preferred winner is Edward. Teddy went on to say that he’d like Eddie to win because Kevin is a bit fake.

South Africa’s Liz would like Emma to win, but she also thinks Kevin will take the money home.

Kristal said she thinks Edward or Mzamo will win. She added though that she would have loved her fellow countryman Itai to return with money to Zimbabwe.

Zambia’s Paloma has put her money on Emma, predicting that she might walk away with the grand prize. Kaone from Botswana said he’s still putting his money on Kevin.

Jeremy from Kenya said would like either his love interest Emma or Kevin win the BBA Revolution.

Yacob from Ethiopia said he would like Itai, Mzamo or Edward to win the money. But he said he thinks Kevin might pull it off and walk away with the US$200 000.

Erastus said obviously his winner is his twin Edward. Rene from Namibia also wants Edward, her country-man, to talk away with the grand prize.

Quinn from South Africa said he would prefer Edward as the winner but thinks Kevin might pull it off. Geraldine said she also sees Kevin or Nkenna, her country-men, walking away with the title of BBA Revolution winner. Who’s got your vote?



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