Brangelina design charity jewellery

BRANGELINA_BRACELET_683788264.jpgNovember 25, 2009 – Called ‘The Protector,’ Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s new bejewelled collection — inspired by a snake ring the actress got during her first pregnancy — will benefit a cause close to the celebrity couple’s hearts.

Proceeds will go to Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, a charity — co-founded by Jolie — that helps to educate children in war-ravaged countries.

Asprey said that the snake featured on all rings, bracelets and pendants became a symbol of personal importance for the Pitt-Jolies after the actress wore it as an “iconic guardian, a cultural symbol of family protection and fertility.”

It is not the first time that Pitt designs jewellery: a few years back, he created a diamond ring with jeweller Damiani for then-fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow.

In addition to the jewellery he created with Jolie, the collection also features baby gifts made from silver, including spoons, picture frames and tooth boxes, all adorned with the snake symbol.

The jewellery line is available at Asprey stores in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Dubai. Prices start at $525.


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