Nonini’s Kataa Hio video is out!

November 19, 2009 – Genge guru Nonini (though I call him Bukusu) has finally released the star-studded video for his latest track ‘Kataa Hio’. Watch the video here.

The video to compliment the song that is barely one month old was released exclusively to Capital FM on Wednesday night on and is due out on television on Friday.

Featuring prominently on the mafioso style production is prominent businessman Chris Kirubi, thespian Eddie Kimani and fellow musicians Collo, Abbas and Frasha among others.

Acted out in one of the swanky boardrooms at International House, the video plays out with several high profile people walking into a board room to be addressed by the Godfather of Genge himself, who proceeds to illustrate the ills in the society and eventually convinces his ‘crew’ (note the meeting is live on TV) to “kataa” (refuse) them.

As members of the press look on and take notes, Nonini denounces wife battery, corruption, bribery, teenage sex, child abuse, etc…

“This is the third single I have released from my upcoming album “The Godfather” which I will release in February (next year). Before this there was Kumbuka and Kadhaa,” he told Capital Lifestyle.

“The video took four weeks to put together; we shot for two days, did the choreography on day three and then in the last week we did the editing and compilation.”

Nonini says he was very much involved in the whole process, from writing to co-directing the video. He says he also got a lot of support from Mr Chris Kirubi – or DJ CK to his radio fans – who helped him with some concepts of the video and actually had a cameo role in it.

“I was excited when he agreed to come on board and even let me use of the best boardrooms in Kenya (smiling). I think it will make a big difference to the youth. I want people to see that there are corporates that are willing to help young people.”

He went on to say that the youth are over-exposed to negative behaviour and often receive very little guidance from their parents and guardians. Nonini hopes that through this video, young Kenyans will listen to him and refuse to tolerate the social evils that bedevil this society.

“After all, the role of Godfather is ultimate. What Godfather says, you do. The youth are looking for role models. I was hoping to steer them in the right direction. People tell me they are surprised because it is not my usual kind of song, but just wait…” he said.


DJ CK meanwhile says that this will not be the last time he takes part in such ventures.

“He (Nonini) called me and we spoke about it. I liked the message and wanted to be a part of it. I hope when people see the video they will see that I am linked up with the youth and that I support the message. This country is riddled with corruption, especially among the older people. The best way to change the youth is to involve them in the message.”

“The youth should avoid being infected. This song is a message from one youth to another, so I know it will be well received.”

DJ CK says the youth are a part and parcel of his fan-base, customers and supporters and his participation was in appreciation of them.

Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework presenter Eve D’Souza says the song Kataa Hio has been on the top 9 at 9 charts for about two weeks.

“It debuted at 9 but is now at number 3 and that is remarkable.”

Nice video Nonini!

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