Chefs unveil Viagra-laced dessert

November 16, 2009 – A group of young Colombian student chefs have unveiled a new dessert made from passion fruit and Viagra, claiming it had aphrodisiac effects on everybody who has tried it.

“We got the idea four months ago when we were dealing with a nutrition project for older people,” Juan Sebastian Gomez said at an international gastronomy fair on Thursday.

“It occurred to us that we could use passion fruit, with all its connotations.. and Viagra, and we came up with this dessert,” added Gomez, who along with his three colleagues is studying the culinary arts at a national college.

Gomez said the new dessert was tried on a group of volunteers. LIPS_SPOON_819183775.jpg

“It’s really an aphrodisiac. By trial and error we found out it works. We gave it to a group without telling them it contained Viagra. A second group was in the know and both experienced heightened libido,” he said.

“They felt their bodies’ need to quench that desire,” he added.

The young chef said women have been the most enthusiastic about the desert.

“They eat slowly, savouring every little spoonful. They take very small portions and after a few minutes begin to smile and confess that they feel delicious little tickles,” he said.

“We know it’s an innovative idea that might seem crazy to some, but it’s having success. Since it contains a medication, it requires delicate handling but we have always had medical and scientific accompaniment.”

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