Twitters links to LinkedIn


November 12, 2009 – Twitter linked to LinkedIn, letting people share updates and tweets between the hot microblogging service and the career-oriented online social networking website.

TWITTER_CEO_530871763.jpgTwitter synchronization features will roll out during the next several days, according to LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue.

“When you set your status on LinkedIn you can now tweet it as well, amplifying it to your followers and real-time search services like Twitter Search and Bing,” Blue said in a blog post.

“And when you tweet, you can send that message to your LinkedIn connections as well, from any Twitter service or tool.”

LinkedIn was launched in Mountain View, California, in 2003 as an online community for people to advance career and job prospects. LinkedIn reportedly has more than 50 million registered users worldwide.

“You’ll be able to set your professional status and display more fresh content on your LinkedIn profile via Twitter,” Jenna Dawn of Twitter said in a blog post at the San Francisco firm’s website.

“As our platform team works with more and more developers to expand access to information, users are able to tweet and read tweets in expanding ways across the web.”

Microsoft last month began integrating public Twitter messages into its new Internet search engine Bing and arch rival Google announced a deal to do the same.

Bing searches can also be done by the “hashtags” used to group Twitter messages.



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