Look good for 8 weeks

SECRET_STYLIST_977805949.jpgNAIROBI, November 11, 2009 – What women do to their hair to make them look near perfect every single day is an open secret. You know they do something, but you’re not sure what.

Now women have a new option; namely “Secret Stylist”.

CEO Serena De-Comarmond launched the company in Australia four years ago after an unsuccessful attempt to find affordable hair extensions in that country. On Tuesday, she launched Secret Stylist Africa in Nairobi; at a colourful event at the Fairmont Norfolk.

“Secret Stylist is here to revolutionise the industry and bring all the glamour and style of Hollywood, to Kenya. Through our gorgeous new specialty hair extension salons we professionally fit hair extensions and train on usage as well!” she said.

Sales and Marketing Manager Doreen Mbaya says the product is designed for the modern Kenyan woman who wants to look good and not spend too much time doing it.

“You can look good in our hair extensions for up to eight weeks and it’s very easy to put them on. We are bringing out the full range of wigs and weaves with illustrations on the techniques of putting them on,” Doreen explained.

Serena swore and demonstrated (physically) that the weaves can be washed and blow-dried and still look fabulous.

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