High-tech product releases: XPERIA X10, DSi LL

November 7, 2009 – High-tech product releases announced the week of November 4 include a flagship smartphone from Nokia, a device that lets you tweet on the go, a larger-screened DSi LL, an all-in-one business desktop computer and two luxury phones from Mobiado. NOKIA_RICH_946167529.jpg

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

On November 3, Sony Ericsson revealed their flagship device named the XPERIA X10. It is the first Sony Ericsson device to run on Google’s Android OS. The 4-inch scratch resistant touchscreen phone will feature Sony Ericsson’s newly-released UX (user experience) platform, signature applications, social media services and Sony Ericsson’s newly developed “intelligence capabilities.” The XPERIA X10 also features an 8.1 megapixel camera, photo and video uploading to the web, audio recording, intelligent face recognition, smile detection features and photo geotagging. Compatible applications will be also be available for download via Google’s Android Marketplace and Sony’s PlayNow store. The XPERIA X10 will be available in selected markets during the first quarter of 2010. No price has been provided.


TwitterPeek is the first device solely dedicated to the art of tweeting. TwitterPeek resembles a mobile phone but is unique in that it can only be used to post messages up to 140 characters long on the microblogging service called Twitter. TwitterPeek enables users to tweet on the go with its full QWERTY keyboard and real-time updates. Users without a smartphone can use the device on a 3G network to tweet from wherever they are without having to pay a per-post or per-message fee. The device is priced at $99 with six months of unlimited Twitter service in the US plus $7.95 per month after. Users can also purchase the device with a lifetime service plan for $199.

Nintendo DSi LL

The newest Nintendo DSi sports a slightly larger look than its DSi sibling. The handheld gaming device comes equipped with two 10.6 cm (4.2 in) screens and a new special pen-like touch-screen pointer. The device is also slightly wider than its smaller DSi counterpart, measuring 21.2 mm. It will be sold in three different colours — dark brown, burgundy and natural white. The DSi LL will be available in the Japanese market on November 21 for ¥20,000 ($220 / €150), while a European version of the device is rumoured to be available during the first quarter of 2010 under the name of Nintendo DSi XL.

Mobiado Stealth & Antique 105GMT Mobile Phones

Canadian luxury phone maker Mobiado has introduced two models of its Professional 105GMT designer phones. The 105GMT “Stealth” and “Antique” fuse mobile phone technology with classic mechanical watches to create uniquely designed luxury handsets. Each of the 50 limited-edition Mobiado 105GMT Antique phones is crafted with sapphire crystal, rose gold, diamond and cocobolo hardwood, while each of the 117 Mobiado 105GMT phones have been crafted from aluminium and sapphire crystal. The phones come unlocked and are quad-band GSM/EGSM and dual-band WCDMA network operational. The PRO105GMT-Stealth is priced at $5600 and the PRO105GMT-Antique will cost $9800.

Lenovo all-in-one ThinkCentre A70z

Lenovo has redesigned its desktop computer line to create an all-in-one desktop PC for business users. The computer is equipped with an Intel Core2Duo processor and runs Microsoft’s Window 7. It has a 19 inch, 16:10 ratio widescreen LCD monitor and comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard. ThinkCentre A70z designers aimed to produce a desktop computer that would maximize consumers’ desktop space (by up to 70 percent) while minimizing energy costs. The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z will start shipping at the end of November, priced from $499.

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