Exclusive: Gaetano joins Capital FM

NAIROBI, November 4, 2009 – Celebrity Gaetano is joining Capital In The Morning on November 9 and Capital Lifestyle caught up with him for a one-on-one on why he is coming and what is in store for his fans. Check out what he told us. GAETANO_KAGWA_963723816.jpg

Why Capital FM?
We have been in talks with Capital FM. Capital wanted somebody to host the breakfast show. I talked to my wife and she said come this way at least you will doing what you love. I recently tied the knot and my wife Keisha is currently based full time in Nairobi. She lives and works here. It just made logical sense for me to be the one to move here because you cannot be married and live separately. It takes away the whole meaning of marriage. I love radio, so joining Kenya’s top radio station, Capital FM was a logical career move. The added bonus is that my wife is here as well.

That is curious. Usually, the wife has to move
Usually, but I am a modern man (laughs). I am doing what is right. My job on radio and television allows me to travel a lot, whereas my wife is based here full time. She is a journalist as well, but her work schedule is not as flexible as mine.

Will you continue to host Studio 53?
Yes. Studio 53 is no longer hosted from a studio. The studio is our continent. We go from country to country and host the show in a specific country. I will continue travelling but it will not interfere with my morning show. I plan to juggle things well.

All that travelling must be very exciting
It is. It is a lot of hard work too. Don’t be fooled. Many people see the final product, not the hard work put in behind the scene. I started as a field presenter, and then went to hosting the show. Now I produce and direct it too. I have learnt all this on the job. When you make what you do look easy, it means you are doing a good job.

How did you get into radio?
It was after I participated in Big Brother in 2003. I had never done radio before or public speaking apart from school presentations, or when parents make you stand in front of friends and sing a song. I started my radio career in 2004 at Capital FM Uganda.

When do you start?
I start on Monday Nov 9. I am hosting with Maqbul and Rae.

What are you bringing to the Kenyan radio scene?
This is my first week. I am watching, listening and learning. Getting a feel of what it is like. I am off the cuff. I like human interest and political news. I will push the envelope. I want to be taken as a serious yet very humorous presenter. There are a few things I want to introduce. My Swahili sucks, so I feel I am going to need to work on that. I need to get up to speed and re-familiarise myself with Kenyan politics, the economy, the social and party scenes. I am sure I will end up in several bars and tabloids for several things (laughs). But seriously, I am looking forward to it and I am good to go.

What are your thoughts of the Kenya radio scene?
It is thriving. It is very up-to-date compared to radio in Uganda. Moving to Capital FM is an opportunity for me to broaden my horizon. I am familiar with the Kenyan market, as I have done a couple of gigs including Tusker Project Fame I and II. Now I am taking it to the next level.

You seem to be a master of reinvention
I have reinvented myself several times. In this business, you need to be able to reinvent yourself. In today’s society things moves so fast and if you do not keep up, you will get left behind. I do television, radio and a lot of mcing. I opened up a bar and restaurant in Kampala with my brother called Zone 7 over three years ago. I try to keep myself very busy. I volunteer my time for noble causes. It is not always about money. In 2007, I was made a UNAIDS Special Representative. I reach out to young men especially and develop important discussions about HIV and gender. I have been to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Senegal. I have learnt a lot. It is good stuff, very important.

Where is the Ugandan accent?
I have had the opportunity of travelling and living abroad. I was born in Uganda. Due to the political situation when I was four, we moved to Kenya. I went to Greensteds International School. I spent most of my high school days in Lesotho. Went to the University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse in the US where I got my degree in Political Science and International studies. That sort of journey gave me a “what the hell kind of accent is that.” Funny enough when I am in Uganda with my friends it changes. Hopefully, I will get a Kikuyu accent (cheekily) while I am here. Can I buy one? Do you guys sell them?

Are you and Keisha looking at starting a family soon?
Erm… (Hesitates). I am not getting any younger. I turn 37 this year. I do not have much time to waste. It is a good age. I hope it is not too late. Children in the near future is a high possibility.

How do you plan to balance everything?
With lots of sleep. I know it sounds funny. When you have nothing to do you waste a lot of time. I hate working by the clock but my hectic schedule will also be my balance. Away from work, I will take time to rest. I am quite the home person. I can stay home all weekend. Get my play station out, books, and movies.

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