Eric Wainaina has a new girl in his life

NAIROBI, November 4, 2009 – Musician Eric Wainaina is now ‘surrounded by beautiful girls’ he says, talking about the newest addition to his family.

ERIC_WAINAINA_HANDS_219776539.jpgHe got a bouncing baby girl on October 31, at roughly 3am. Bouncing.

“Sheba had just gotten out of a production meeting when she went into labour, had a baby, stayed in hospital for 36 hours and then we came back home on Sunday,” narrated the happy daddy.

He told Capital Lifestyle on telephone that by Monday, she (Sheba) was busy taking calls.

“I feel wonderful to have another girl. Having a second child is amazing. With the first one you kind of are unsure because you don’t know what to expect. But with the second child you kinda like fall in love earlier…” Awww…

Eric told us that to him the female child signifies stability, and unwavering there-ness (it’s a new word he created).

This is Eric and Sheba’s second daughter, the being Seben, who will be four years old in April.

Eric, 36, is a well travelled well known musician and producer, and recently worked on the musical Mo Faya, which was shown at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Mo Faya is also showing here in Kenya.