BBA says bye bye to Jeremy, Mr Muscles

NAIROBI, November 2, 2009 – It was not to be this time either but at least Kenya’s Jeremy lasted more than eight weeks in the Big Brother Revolution house before his woeful exit on Sunday.

JEMMA_BLOCK_559170231.jpgHis eviction ended the show’s longest-standing relationship, leaving Emma red-eyed, wet-nosed and determined to plot her revenge.

Nkenna revealed to the housemates how she had used her power as Head of House to influence the nomination process. “I did what every other person would have done – I saved Itai,” she told IK and the housemates, adding defensively that she swapped him with Emma.

“It was nothing personal,” she said.

Jeremy got the fewest votes, and became the 14th housemate to exit the premises.

After sharing a hug with Emma and saying goodbye to the rest of the housemates, Jeremy joined IK on stage, who welcomed him as “Mr Muscles”.

Asked who he thought nominated him, he initially said he had no idea, before naming Nkenna, Leonel and Geraldine. He was surprised to see that it was actually Edward, Itai, Leonel, Mzamo and Nkenna who put him up for eviction.

IK’s line of questioning immediately turned to exactly what the whole continent wanted to know about – Jeremy’s relationship with Emma. 

“I’m attracted to her, she’s a great girl and I’m gonna miss her,” he said.

IK asked him to define the phrase they coined in the house – ‘less than lovers, more than friends’. “We kissed, we cuddled… I don’t know how to define that,” said Mr Muscles. JEMMA_SMILING_826013213.jpg

Jeremy’s parting shot – the infamous Molotov Cocktail – went to Nkenna. She will have the formidable task of preparing all the meals and doing the washing up after each meal.

“This should come as no surprise to you, Nkenna, enjoy!” were his words.

IK asked if Jeremy’s appearance at 90% of his diary sessions topless was a strategic move, but he replied that he had simply been called out of the pool most of the time.

And back to Emma, Jeremy said: “If we were in the same country or neighbouring countries a lot more could happen, but with us being so far apart, I don’t know what will happen.”

“I don’t do long-distance.”

At least Jeremy comes back home with Sh196,000.

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