What glitters at the Nairobi Park is a lion

LIONS_CHASE_762557889.jpgNAIROBI, October 28, 2009 – It has to be the only park in a city, the Nairobi National Park (NNP) which is situated just next to Langata estate – a mere 10 minute drive from the heart of the city. I stand to be corrected.

Standing on just 117km squared, NNP is exactly what you need if you are too busy to travel farther. It’s not the next best option, it’s actually much more refreshing than I expected and can stand on its own.

At NNP you can chill, drive around in your not-four-wheel-drive car and spot animals at such close proximity; that you will feel very relaxed and content thereafter.

At 6.30am on Tuesday morning I was rubbing my forearms and standing next to Steve, another journalist who would be part of the game-drive into the park. As I unsuccessfully ignored the cold and spoke with him, I began to wonder what time exactly we would leave.

That time happened to be about half seven, when as we drove to the Kenya Wildlife Service Officers’ Mess for breakfast, we came across a slaughtered buffalo – this at a public picnic site, which was being watched over by a young male lion – from a few metres away. LION_SOLITARY_664554501.jpg

The adrenalin began flowing then. I was ready for it (the drive). The carcass was at the Ivory Burning Site, one of the five picnic sites set up in the park, where I promise you the air is even lighter!

You can actually see the high-rise buildings of Nairobi and you will them to stay exactly where they are, so that you can go on playing with nature.

We drove around for hours… Stopping at the various picnic sites and bumping into all sizes of buffaloes and giraffe. I even saw a bush pig! I mean, honestly, have you ever even heard of such an animal! It’s a big weird looking hog that was a sight to behold.

The Park is split into plains, forest and wetlands, most of which are man made. It is almost completely surrounded by South C, Mombasa road, Athi River, Kitengela and Rongai.

They even have a nature trail at an area of the park called Hippo Pools. Such diversity in Nairobi, I would never have thought.

Crocodiles anyone? CROCODILE_595464653.jpg

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