Jeremy, Emma and Mzamo in the red

Jeremy__Kenya_258345662.jpgNAIROBI, October 27, 2009 – Monday night’s nomination left Emma, Mzamo and Jeremy up for eviction this week after Head of House Nkenna stayed true to her word and saved former Comrade-in-Arms Itai.

Once all the housemates had completed their nominations – remembering that the Comrades in Arms Twist is over and the housemates are playing for the USD200 000 prize as individuals once more – the housemates with the most nominations were Itai, Mzamo and Jeremy.

After announcing the names of the nominated trio, Big Brother summoned Head of House Nkenna to the diary room to make her decision. She knew she had to make a choice between saving her friend Mzamo and former Comrade in Arms Itai. After taking an eternity to make her decision, Big Brother pushed her for a name and, deciding to save Itai, she replaced him with Emma.

In her nomination session, Nkenna had chosen to nominate romantic couple Jeremy and Emma, telling Big Brother that she feels she’s still not that close to them.

Mzamo also nominated Jeremy, because she wants to see if he will wait for Emma on the outside if he leaves first. Her second nomination went to Elizabeth as she feels the Tanzanian wants her out of the house.

Kevin put Leonel in the line of fire, declaring it “nothing personal” and saying that the Mozambican needs to test his popularity with voters. Mzamo was his second choice, saying that she had accomplished everything she wanted to as Head of House and he felt that Nkenna would save her anyway.

Elizabeth nominated Itai because she doesn’t feel comfortable with him, saying that he would get her out of the house in a second, given the chance. Her second nomination was for Mzamo, because she feels that Mzamo has something personal against her that she doesn’t understand.

Itai nominated Jeremy – his reason being “we’ve lost touch” – and Mzamo, a strategic decision based on discussions with other housemates. He also felt that Nkenna would save her.  Edward, who earlier refused to conspire with anyone on his preferred nomination, again chose Itai for the same reason he always uses – “he took out my boys”. His second nomination was for Jeremy, saying he would be interested to see how Nkenna would handle it.

Emma also nominated Itai, saying the Zimbabwean is her least favorite housemate. She then nominated Mzamo as her second option, calling her decision “strategic”. emma_928385394.jpg

Leonel nominated Elizabeth “to see if she will make it this week” and Jeremy as he felt the Kenyan has been “under the radar”. Geraldine nominated fellow Nigerian Nkenna, saying they had both discussed that this is what they would do. She also nominated Mzamo, citing her because “she wants to get rid of Nigerians”.

Jeremy decided that its Itai’s “time to go”, nominating him first. He also chose Mzamo, saying that Nkenna will probably save her “and truth be told I’d rather be up against Itai”.

Before nominations, Kevin, Emma and Elizabeth were intent on convincing Nkenna to give up her former Comrade-in-Arms Itai up and putting him up for eviction. Nkenna’s loyalty to her friend Itai was strong and she flatly refused to put him up for eviction – something she stuck to by saving him and putting Emma in his place.

When the nominations were tallied, the results were: Mzamo (6), Jeremy (5), Itai (4), Elizabeth (2), Leonel, Nkenna and Emma (1), with Edward, Geraldine and Kevin not receiving any nominations.

Now it’s up to Africa to decide who stays in the house and who goes! 

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