Pride of Kenya on show this Sunday

This weekend is the last time that all the lions in the streets will be on show to the public as they will be gathered at the Nyayo Stadium on the morning of Sunday October 25, as part of the Standard Chartered “Hesabika Tena”.

Before Pride of Kenya stormed onto the streets of Nairobi in September, few people were aware that only 2,000 wild lions exist in Kenya today.  But now the issue of lion conservation and the urgency of its need have been brought to the fore by this amazing public art display.

The lion spectacle will be located in the “Marathon Village” that will be near the VIP dais inside the stadium. They day will also be a chance for prospective buyers to inspect these unique works of art before they go on sale to the highest bidder at the Pride of Kenya Gala Auction and Dinner on November 6, for which a limited number of tickets are still available.

Thousands of people will be gathering in Nairobi to watch and run the Marathon this Sunday and prowling amongst the crowds will be the Pride of Kenya lions on their final public outing… It will also be the last chance for citizens to vote for their favourite lion by sending a text to 5464 (profits of which go to saving lions).

                                              here are picture of the 50 lions

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