Nameless and his MAMA hit the sky running

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 23 – ‘Megarider’, the funny song that it was, pit Nameless aka Monsky in the Kenyan celeb airwaves AND on the radio.

A few years later, ‘Ninanoki’ did him the same honour on an East African scale. ‘Sinzia’ went African and now with the MAMA (this is not a song, it’s a gong) the sky is the limit for this young musician aka architect!

“This is definitely the high of my music career,” drawls Nameless to Capital Lifestyle.

“I owe it to the fans for giving me this great honour. I am now ready to go for it; take advantage of this spotlight and meet the challenge they have given me in voting for me to win this prestigious award.”

It was a humbling experience for Nameless to get the most votes in TWO categories in only the second MTV Africa Music Awards ever – the first being in Abuja Nigeria last year.

“I am now targeting to break into the African music market and beyond. I have realised that I have to work on establishing a connection. There can be a language barrier, and this has to be overcome by entertainment value. You will definitely see a change in the kind of music I will be coming up with,” he said in an exclusive interview.

“I once again thank my fans for taking me where my dream is; going international.”

Even Nameless’ voice was happy during the interview and why not. He was about to jet set into Uganda for the dynamic trio Blu3’s album launch in which he features in one song.

“The song is about relationships; being in love. You know how it is when you’re in love sometimes, you feel locked, like a prisoner.”

Nameless has been on the music scene for about ten years now and wants to put his architecture aside to focus on belting out those tunes.

“I want people to take my music seriously. Most people look at my architecture and think music is just hobby for me and it’s so much more than that.”

In all those years, one thing that touched him a lot – and still does – was Issa’s death.

“We were just about to start plans to do big things together. There was so much promise, he was such a self-less person, and he was so talented. It still shocks me that he was there one day and gone the next…”

Have fun in Uganda!

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