New heights for Kenya Film Festival

esposito2jpg_108872577.jpgNAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 22 – The Kenya International Film Festival (KIFF) kicked off in Nairobi early Wednesday evening at a packed hall at the Kenya National Museum.

Its going to be a ten-day fete with more than 100 films slated for show and about 36 of these are Kenyan. 36 and counting!

Most of the flicks are by anonymous talents, but there are notable nouns like Wanuri Kahiu, Judy Kibinge, Bob Nyanja and even more!

Wanuri used it to premier her newest film – Pumzi – loosely translated to mean ‘breath’.

Another movie that will be premiered during the ten days is “Obohoz”. Finally, because I understand it has been about two years in the making.

Films from India, Pakistan, UK, Colombia and even Mexico will be on for show throughout the day at the Louis Leakey Hall at the National Museum, Alliance Francaise and Silverbird Cinemas at the Westgate Mall.

In between the movies and short films will be an array for forums and workshops on film, production, directing and cinema.

It’s a handful. VP Kalonzo Musyoka who was at the launch, was impressed by the premier he saw and by the promise portrayed of a future in the film industry.

There were a few boring speeches but the fact that it is KIFF’s 4th edition, the tremendous growth was evident!

The guy in the picture is Giancarlo Esposito. You might have seen him in Waiting to Exhale and other movies. He will be showing one of his new productions, Gospel Hill, and host a film-makers forum.

“I am hoping to share my experience with upcoming film-makers. I hope it will be enough… I would also love to see Kenyan culture on film, Kenyan experiences, see where Kenyans came from,” he told journalists.

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