BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION was filled with apologies, recriminations and some hard work ahead of the task presentation.

Kristal had an uncharacteristic emotional outburst in the early hours of Wednesday morning as the housemates were playing drinking games. Sobbing inconsolably, she revealed her insecurities to her fellow housemates, discussing the influence her race has had on her life.  On Wednesday morning, Quinn had to help his Comrade in Arms to the toilet after she had difficulty walking, eventually carrying her to the bathroom.

Later in the morning she told Kevin, Quinn and Mzamo that she felt really bad about her behavior, declaring it inappropriate for a woman of her age. Kevin told her not to be so hard on herself, but she said she needed to be more serious about her life. Contemplative, she looked directly into a camera and apologized to her mother for her behaviour.

Meanwhile the housemates now fear that they may not be able to perform in their Carnival task, which includes choreographing group, pair and individual dance routines. Head of House Leonel, had a difficult time gathering the troops to start practicing, with many wanting to laze about and Kristal refusing to wake up. Eventually, though, they all emerged and got to work on the task, with success vital as they have wagered 100% of their Sha-Sha’s on the outcome.

Some of the highlights of day 45 include:

          Quinn was shocked to discover that Geraldine has been hiding some Cola from last week. She shocked him even further when she asked him to get it out of its secret hiding place!

          Itai told Geraldine that he misses a lot of the housemates who’ve been evicted. She took advantage of the moment to ask him if he misses Paloma or not, which he confirmed, calling Paloma “a lovely woman” and pondering what may have happened had she stayed.

          Itai and Geraldine discussed their feelings that Big Brother doesn’t want them to succeed in the task. Itai agreed but reassured her that they will win. He feels that they shouldn’t have wagered 100%.  Their discussion moved on to Kevin and Elizabeth’s relationship, with Itai saying their chemistry is undeniable. He believes that they have genuine feelings for each other, which he declares to be ‘special’. Kevin has told Elizabeth many times that he loves her but she has always rejected his advances.

           Kristal and Nkenna stopped Geraldine from eating the spaghetti from the “extra” list after the Molotov Cocktail which Kaone threw at her, which limits her to only eating food from the “basic supply” list. Itai chimed in that the spaghetti isn’t an extra, but Kristal is adamant that it is. Geraldine pleaded her case but Kristal and Nkenna drowned out her arguments.

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