IMG_0763_546645960.jpgLast night, Africa decided that Liz and Kaone’s time was up on the sixth eviction show of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION (Sunday 18 October, live at 19:00 CAT).

The “Fabuliz” South African and the creative housemate from Botswana saw their 42-day stay in the BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION house come to an end as Africa chose to keep Edward & Emma in the house instead.

Earlier in the week, Head of House Quinn had replaced himself and Kristal, with Edward & Emma. When IK asked Quinn to share his decision with the housemates during the live Eviction show, he admitted that his decision to save himself and his Comrade in Arms was ‘a cliché’ and revealed that he had no specific reason for nominating Edward & Emma in their place.

Liz and Kaone emerged from the house looking happy, soaking up the adoration of the enthusiastic BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION studio audience. IK quizzed them about who they thought had nominated them, with Kaone declaring he had no idea because it was just a game. Liz said that she expected most of the housemates to have nominated her as she was a threat to everyone “except Kristal and maybe Emma”.

IK chatted to Kaone first about his time in the house, asking him about his love for fashion design, as he had spent a lot of time sewing and being creative. “I’ve been doing it a long time,” he said, “and I was just living my life in the house the same way I live it outside”. He was surprised when IK pointed out that he had had a number of disagreements in the house, but brushed them off as minor moments when other housemates crossed his boundaries.

Turning to the question of his love life, IK asked about Kaone’s feelings for Geraldine, as he had spent a lot of time in the house flirting with her. “We had a lot in common, but after chatting about it, we decided to remain as friends,” said Kaone.  Then it was Molotov Cocktail time and when IK read out the details – that one housemate may not order anything extra for the grocery list and must only eat from the basic supplies for one week – Kaone named Geraldine, telling her that she shouldn’t order any more chocolate “because it’s bad for you!”

Liz was next on stage, with IK interrogating her about her love life in the house. When asked about Phil, she admitted she would have gotten into a relationship with him if she didn’t have a boyfriend outside the house. Some housemates were of the opinion that her boyfriend was a figment of her imagination, but when IK asked her if she really had a boyfriend, she said “he’s real.”

Asked about the clashes she had in the house, she said she felt she never really clashed with anyone. “I didn’t hate anyone – I didn’t like Yacob, but I didn’t hate anyone,” she said. IK asked her why she didn’t get along with Yacob and she answered because “he doesn’t like competition and I was his competition”.

Her Molotov Cocktail for the week went straight to Nkenna, who will now have to bake fresh bread for the housemates every day.

And while evictions were again the main focus of this week’s Sunday show, there was a lot of other action going on as well…Kicking off the show was an energized performance by Zambia’s JK with his track “Ona Mami” before audiences got a look at ‘the week that was’ in the house and then caught up with Yacob to check out what he’s done since being voted out of the show last week.

IMG_0768_200040596.jpgThen IK led the housemates and the studio audience in reading the STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY pledge. The housemates had spent the morning packing bags of provisions for a charity in Alexandra, South Africa, as part of the international Stand Up Against Poverty campaign, which is a plea to world leaders to meet the millennium development goals to be achieved by 2015. The housemates threw their support behind the campaign as the words scrolled the screen allowing audiences continent-wide to also participate.

Then, after a quick look at how romance has flourished in the house, viewers got to see what Hannington has been doing since his exit last week. In another highlight on Sunday night, clips of Friday’s surprise visit by superstar Keri Hilson allowed audiences to relive the magic of her dramatic arrival and her short stay in the house, where she amazed housemates and viewers with her bubbly personality and two awesome performances.

Rounding off the show on Sunday, JK performed “Concrete Mixer” before The Dogg, a guest in the house over the weekend, hit the stage with his song “Forget”. And IK had the last say….revealing to audiences that the current Comrades in Arms part of the game will end next Sunday, when the housemates will once again compete for the USD 200 000 prize as individuals. 

BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION is screened live, 24/7 on DStv Channel 198 or 199 for the next 49 days. Also look out for highlights shows on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv channel 114). Viewers can also stay up-to-date with the latest news by logging on to

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