Emcee HHP says its cool to be African

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 16 – “Right now it’s the coolest thing to be African. We are now starting to understand and explore our culture.”

HHP, read Double H-P, says he’s interested in merging different cultures across the continent, closing the gap between African states through music.

In case you don’t know him, Hip Hop Pantsula is a young fast-thinking, fast-talking emcee from down south who believes that Africans should unite and not look at fellow continent-mates as the enemy.

“I’ve done a track with Nazizi from Kenya… I also did a song with Naeto C, with Simba from Mozambique. I’m speaking now to Nameless, Samini, Jua Kali, D’Banj and make it hot hot; do something African-wise you see,” he pointed out, saying there is no definite time-line, but work is being done.

HHP says his vision for artists is to jump on a plane, train and boat to ferry to other African countries and spread the word of music.

“We are a free Africa. We are becoming one unified continent.”

He spoke of his upcoming album Dumela, which is Setswana for Hello, but can also mean Belief – something he strongly feels should be inculcated in Kenyan society.

A good example is the song “Daraja” that he did with Nazizi, which talks about bridging differences, merging cultures and general unity.

HHP’s real name is Jabulani Tsambo. He was fortunate enough to win himself a MAMA award for Best Video.

“The video did so well… It was actually shot in a real toilet, at the Vitz Theatre in Johannesburg… we had that illusion that we were shooting on tracks. But we were actually shooting static. Everyone went to the bathroom, did their thing and then at the end in post we kind of like made the bathrooms move together and it just gave it that great illusion, you know. It’s awesome!”


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