Are you one of those who go to bed in a torn t-shirt and a pair of old sweats?

It’s a high time you ditched that grand ma trend, and get yourself a one way flight to sexy (no return flights to Grandma Land ladies!)

Try out sexy and comfy sleeping shorts suits that you can wear around the house and make you aware of your beautiful body.

Silk pajamas are also a luxurious way to pamper yourself and put you in a different frame of mind
Or make it ethnic night in by wrapping yourself in a leso (kanga) like a halter neck dress and bring your sexy back.

And remember, the best way to keep your man’s attention is simple, grab it in a lacy lingerie that leaves something’s to the imagination and others to the visual!



  • Shifa

    wow!! i never thought a leso could be a catalyst to bring sexy back….will def. be trying that one out tonight!!

  • cecilia MWANGI

    i totaly agree, always looking beautiful and sexy helps alot our self esteem.Who says you dont need to look your best in your dreams too

  • Lucy King'ori

    Leso…hmm, al def try that out 2nite

  • eunice muturi

    simplicity is sexy!

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