Keri Hilson set to grace BBA house

American music sensation Keri Hilson is set to make an exciting two-hour appearance on M-NET’S BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION on Friday October 16 at 20:00 CAT. The gorgeous R&B/hip-hop star will surprise housemates as she enters the popular reality series, where she is due to meet the housemates and perform two songs.  Named Best New Artist at the 2009 BET Awards, the hugely talented Hilson was also recently named the Best R&B/Soul Act at the 2009 MOBO Awards. Her debut album In a Perfect World won her international attention as her singles Energy, Return The Favour, Turnin’ Me On plus Knock You Down which featured Ne-Yo and Kanye West.

Meanwhile Day 37 of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION saw the dawn of a new alliance with unexpected power, along with the start of a new cultural task which seems to have the housemates inspired.

Early on in the game, the housemates with the loudest voices ruled the roost, meaning that some other housemates didn’t really get a chance to influence decisions. Now, with some of the more dominant personalities evicted, the quieter housemates have moved to the fore. Leonel, Geraldine and Nkenna very quickly created a plan to counter Quinn’s scheme to get Itai/Nkenna evicted. In a rare animated moment, Geraldine told Big Brother about the plan (which she dubbed “The Secret Alliance”) that has thus far worked so well. She told Big Brother that she loves being underestimated because of her quiet nature, as it allows her to play mind games with her fellow housemates without them noticing.

Big Brother asked Leonel whose idea the counter plan was, but he replied that he had no idea – despite seemingly initiating the plan himself when he pulled Mzamo aside for a chat after getting wind of Quinn’s plan ahead of the nominations. Leonel has always maintained that he is playing his own game and belongs to no one’s alliance. Nkenna also heard word of Quinn’s plan, and knew that if Itai was evicted it would mean that she would also be out of the game, so she spent Monday quietly convincing Itai, Mzamo and Geraldine to nominate both South Africans.

This week’s task sees the housemates get an opportunity to express themselves like never before. The housemates are tasked with releasing their ‘inner artist’ in a Revolution of color in a Cultural Revolution.

On Tuesday, the housemates’ first task was to turn tin into textile, in a tribute to the popularity of textiles throughout Africa. Recycling takes many forms and this week, that form will be artistic. Using the tools provided, housemates must flatten the cans with which they were provided, cut them into rectangular shapes, punch holes in them and use wire to bind them to form a metal kente cloth. Design, perseverance and aesthetics will determine the success of this project and working together will, as always, be essential

Tuesday’s diary sessions revealed a lot about insecurities and eroded trust between the housemates.

Quinn said the only reason that he saved himself was because he didn’t want to put Kristal in the line of fire. He feels bad because he should have replaced them with Itai so that he’d be evicted.

Emma feels the pairing of Housemates has made them all vulnerable. She believes that this week may be her last in the house, as she is convinced that Quinn swapped her and Edward to save himself.

Elizabeth says that after the shock of this week’s nominations, the only person she still trusts is Kevin – but only because they are Comrades in Arms.

Kaone and Edward declared themselves frustrated with the ladies because they never want to participate in pranks and games. The two have been plotting a way to lighten the mood in the house and were inspired when the cans for the task were delivered. All the cans were arranged in colours in the garden, so they mixed them all up, creating a lot of extra work for the ladies!

Tune in to DStv Channel 198 or 199 to catch the intrigue live, or watch the highlights shows on M-Net (channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (channel 114).

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