Edward, Emma, Kaone and Liz on the Eviction list

Quinn goes against his word to Liz and saves himself and his partner, Kristal by putting Edward/ Emma on the Eviction list.

The two nominated partnerships were initially Quinn / Kristal and Kaone / Liz, Head Of House, Quinn
looked so surprised to hear that both his name and fellow South African, Liz, were on the nomination list that he abruptly let go of his partner Kristal’s hand during Big Brother’s nomination announcement.

Quinn was then immediately called into the diary room to make his switch. He didn’t seem like he was prepared to make a decision because Big Brother had to ask him twice to speak up. Eventually, Quinn reluctantly decided to save himself and his partner Kristal, putting Edward / Emma up in their place.

This might cause a bit of a rift between Quinn and Liz because, in coming up with this elaborate nomination plan, he had promised her salvation over his own.

Since Itai is not up for eviction as he had expected to be, will the Zimbabwean Housemate still want to voluntarily leave the house next week, as per his request to Big Brother earlier on Monday, 12 October?

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