An Open Heart, The Dalai Lama

book_review_191048131.jpgTITLE:            An Open Heart, Practising Compassion in Everyday Life
AUTHOR:        The Dalai Lama: Edited by Nicholas Vreeland
AVAILABLE AT:    Silverbird

For those readers looking for insight into Buddhism or a reawakening of their spiritual self the Dalai Lama offers one of the simplest and most thought enhancing ways to achieve direction in pursuit of these goals.

The teachings offered in this book may take time and deep soul searching, however with time it nourishes one’s soul. I would recommend you carry this book with you everywhere you go and whip it out when you have a couple of minutes free, to read slowly and deeply.

I found myself going over certain sections of the book in order to comprehend their meaning. In the end it definitely offers a variant perspective of the way we relate and view our lives, even our responses.

A chance to meditate in our ever challenging lives makes this a comprehensive lesson to undertake but well worth the time.

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