Itai Wants to Leave Big Brother house.

tells Big Brother that in the last week, he has learned what he needed to learn in the House. He tells Big Brother that one of his biggest realisations is that he cannot live without the important people in his life.

He also says that if his partner, Nkenna, is still in the House, he wishes her the best of luck. Itai asks Big Brother if he could stay on for one more week and if he does not get Evicted on Sunday, he would like to leave voluntarily. Big Brother tells him that he should rethink his decision because there is a lot for him in the House.

He says that his presence in the House has benefitted him and he has realised things that might have taken him many years to do.

He has come under pressure from both Alliances when he was Head of House. Itai has been called a “snake” and untrustworthy by many of the Housemates. He was unable to switch his friends Yacob and Hannington, because his fellow countryman was also up for Eviction. This led to Itai’s friends being Evicted

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