Fiona Konchella Wins Miss World Kenya

The newly crowned Miss world Kenya, Fiona Konchella is a happy girl, but is she really happy?

The 20 year old university student beat 15 other contestants to win the coveted title and a car- a Vitz during last Saturday’s event at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi.  But the grand prize came with tough conditions to it.

The first condition is that the car is not to be spotted anywhere near a night club at night neither should the winner. (This is a reasonable one)

The second condition is that the car should only be driven by the owner, Fiona and not anybody else not even the family members for the next one year.

To make thing even more tough for her, is that incase she gets dethroned, she is to return the car and pay for any damage it could have caused.
Now now was the car a donation or for her to keep? What a hard price to pay ….. for a Vitz.

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