Meet with Shiko Steiert, a Capital Celebrity of the Month

Shiko_Steiert_453228566.jpgShiko Steiert is a fast talking go-getter, something people rarely expect from a gorgeous and demure six foot model, but she has her reasons and you cannot help but admire them – and her. I spoke to her for just over an hour and in brief, this is what she had to say…

Laura: How did you start as a model?

Shiko: I was sitting at a restaurant in Munich when this guy, Fred Schillinger, approached me and told me he wanted to put me on Vogue Magazine. I didn’t even know what that was, but my aunt bought me a magazine and I went for a photo-shoot. He took me on immediately.

Laura: What is the most exciting experience in your career?

Shiko: Meeting people, posing in front of the camera and traveling all over the world.

Laura: What size are you?

Size 8 and sometimes 10.

Laura: Where do you shop/what is your fashion style?

Shiko: I shop everywhere where there is a good bargain. It is usually in places like that where you find really cool and unique stuff. Other than that, I LOVE shoes and bags. I believe in keeping it simple but it HAS to turn heads! I wear all colours and when it comes to jewellery I like beads!

Laura: Are you single/married/dating?

I am not single. I have been dating someone for about 7 months now. And that is all I am willing to say…

Laura: Favourite place to eat/shop/hang out?

I like Bacchus, Mercury, Tamasha, nice simple places with good music and good food.

What do you like/dislike most about modeling?

I like the clothes and shoes that they shower on us. But you have to be really strong. It is easy for someone to take advantage of you. You have to stand your ground and watch your back because the competition is cut-throat out there.

How much do you get paid…on average?

I won’t say. But for my first job I got ten thousand Euros. I had been so broke, the first thing I bought was a bed!



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