Bye Bye Renee, Erastus and Paloma.

IMG_4144_591633370.jpgIK announces that Erastus is the first of three Evicted Housemates. This officially sees the Twin Twist come to an end. Boring!

IK asks him about their (Twins) love for Rene. Erastus says that she is their homegirl and a very beautiful woman. IK asks the evicted Erastus to throw a Molotov Cocktail at a remaining Housemate of his choice. Erastus chooses Itai, the new Head of House. What does the Molotov Cocktail entail? No alcohol for Itai for a whole week.

IK then announces that Rene is the second Housemate to leave the House. She walks onto stage to a screaming crowd. Rene is the second Namibian Housemate to leave BBA’s studio. When IK asks if Rene was more than friends with the Twins, she says: “No comment.”

IK asks Rene about kissing Yacob after a drunken game of Stun Buzz. Rene laughs and says that Yacob is a very good kisser. She also tells IK that Mzamo is one of the best Housemates. Word? IK asks Rene to throw a Molotov Cocktail at a Housemate who is not up for Eviction tonight. Rene immediately chooses Paloma. “You know you had it coming,” she says.

IK tells her she has to choose somebody else because Paloma is also Nominated. She chooses to throw the Molotov Cocktail at Geraldine. What does the Molotov Cocktail entail? Geraldine has to be Big Brother’s Night Watch Woman. She has to be the last Housemate to go to bed every day for a week. She also has to deliver tea to Biggie and then tell Biggie a bedtime story. Shame.

Meanwhile, Yacob has to clean the toilet for a week with a toothbrush, thanks to Paloma who was the third housemate to be evicted. Paloma wasn’t surprised by her exit, saying she was up against two very strong contenders, the Twins.

Paloma says she thinks being the head of the Girls’ Alliance jeorpadised her chances of surviving in the House. She adds though that she still believes a woman should win the ultimate prize.

Paloma describes the game as a battlefield and says she does not regret being “bossy”.
She also does not feel bad that Elizabeth switched her.

Paloma apologises to Kevin and Kaone for accusing them of betraying her.
About Itai, she says that he has been trying to make moves on her since she got into the House. She says that she has boundaries that she needs to uphold.

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