A Survival Guide for Working with BAD BOSSES

book_review_347503718.jpgTITLE:            A Survival Guide for Working with BAD BOSSESS
AUTHOR:        Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D
AVAILABLE AT:    Silverbird

With over more than 40 books under her sleeve, Gina brings together a very compelling read of real work situations that most employees can relate to. It provides different scenarios on how to deal with overzealous bosses to the lazy credit hogging ones.

The universal appeal from this guide is the fact that we live in a global business climate and the solutions can be easily adapted from Europe, America to Africa.

Although the pragmatic approaches may seem a bit farfetched it does help the reader to consider alternative ways to keeping your job without increasing your stress levels.

Written in a candid and practical way it offers fantastic insight and an ideal choice for both employers and employees that may lead to a better work environment.

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