The worse lovers in the world are from . . . GERMANY


Let’s face it . . . when it comes to satisfying a woman, all men are NOT created equal.  But which men are the BEST . . . and which are the WORST?

Well, a global research website called asked women from 20 different countries where the world’s BEST LOVERS are from.  Here’s the top ten:

10.)  Canada

9.)  Denmark

8.)  New Zealand

7.)  Australia

6.)  South Africa

5.)  Ireland

4.)  France

3.)  Italy

2.)  Brazil

1.) Spain


And here’s where the world’s WORST lovers are from, and why:

10.)  Russia . . . because the men there are too hairy.

9.)  Turkey . . . because the men there are too sweaty.

8.)  Scotland  . . . because they’re too loud.

7.)  Wales  . . . because they’re too selfish.

6.)  Greece . . . too lovey-dovey.

5.)  United States . . . too rough.

4.)  Holland . . . too dominating.

3.)  Sweden . . . too quick to finish.

2.)  England . . . too lazy.

1.)  Germany  . . . because the men there are too smelly.  And there you have it.


  • Julie Mukami

    And where do we place the men from Nairobi who are too smell, too quick to finish, too dominating,too rough, too selish and too loud?

  • Julie

    And where do we place the men from Nairobi who are too smelly, too quick to finish, too dominating,too rough, too selish and too loud?

  • Its about time we had some sanity on our roads.We’ve had too many people maimed, injured and even more lose their lives.The ‘Michuki Rules’ brought about temporary reprieve but lately we’ve sunk back to our carelessness.I hope the bill passes

  • Rut_o

    These laws will not sort us out. Yes we have accidents on our roads but it requires more in depth investigation of the problem than just what is being offered here. EG The police apart from the statistics of deaths and injuries can they tell us how many drivers have charged for various offenses under the current laws.
    Section 12 is amended to make it un offense when you dont renew your insurance cover on time. Why do you need a cover for a vehicle which is grounded? When somebody returns the plates of the grounded vehicle when you decide to revive it you will have to apply for the same plates. Why do we had more work to kra which is overwhelmed already?
    Section thirty removes the time a license is valid how is it supposed to work unless you do away with renewals?
    Sentences for section 44, 45, have been  enhanced if the police have been unable to enforce the current penalties what guarantee do we have they will do it now apart from increasing their bribe demands.
    Section 45a criminalizes driving through pavements what about when a genuine case arises where vehicles cause accidents and the road is blocked are the vehicles behind expected to stay there until the police come and remove them? The falure by the local authorities to erect barriers on pavements and foot paths should not be shifted to the motorists.
    Section 69a is supposed to address the roadblocks menace. We have situation where roadblocks are mounted in close proximity by one police station to mainly collect bribes. This section does not address this problem fully.
    Section 70 talks about speed limits. Have the authorities come up with any sturdy about to days capabilities of vehicles and the kind of roads we have. We are still using the old speeds which were fixed by colonialists. Why can’t we have different speeds for different roads?
    Section 100 criminalizes an owner who is not even near the vehicle. Vehicle owners do not load people on the vehicles.
    Section 103 prescribes the uniform to be worn. What about the companies which would like their own unique uniform. How did they arrive at those uniforms.
    A thorough study should be carried out to accommodate all dimensions of road safety. They 3 elements involved (Driver, Vehicle and Road) Should analyzed and policies formulated accordingly.

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