The Man Who Moved The World

mohamed_amin1_628171683.jpgTITLE:            THE MAN WHO MOVED THE WORLD: The Life & Work of Mohamed Amin
AUTHORS:        Bob Smith with Salim Amin
AVAILABLE AT:    Silverbird

The Life & Work of Mohamed Amin follows the intriguing journey of one of the world’s most renown photojournalist from his humble beginning in Dar es salaam with a single camera to the breathtaking images he showed the world with the 1984 famine in Ethiopia.

This autobiography leads the reader through the major events that occurred in Africa and all the trouble hotspots around the world interspersed with firsthand accounts of what true journalism entails in order to get the story to the world. It draws one into the colourful and somewhat surreal episodes of getting the job done that was Mohamed Amin’s persona from dressing up in full morning English top coat to attend the coronation of J.B. Bokassa in sweltering heat to the uncanny name recognition with Idi Amin availing him immediate access to the buffoon of Uganda.

A compelling read, full of humour, tantalizing adventure and colourful imagery of his life make this a must read accompanied with a fascinating DVD.

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